Review – Best Email Address Verification Service Provider?

For every serious internet marketer or entrepreneur, it’s important to take into account users’ email verification which helps in lead generation and avoiding spam detection by internet service providers (ISPs). It’s clear to understand that either way we used to collect users emails aren’t spammy, but the outcome with lots of internet fraudsters who uses emails from abandoned, not in range or illegal emails that they do not have permission to use them have resulted in most of IP addresses being blacklisted. The issue has resulted to senders bounces which is a very negative effect or behaviour for conversion.

Because of this, technologies have tried to fotch out the resultant solution to detect, conduct and handle email verification process for businesses to resolve high bounce rate on both web contents, landing pages and fake email address verification.

Before we continue, I know you may be wondering what we are really talking about on this topic. It’s all about email validation and why you should take this seriously as it can affect your business reputation and inclusively to internet service providers like Google Mail, Yahoo and the likes.

Email Validation, Why is it Import to your business?

Similar to html5 email validation, it’s more important to take email validation serious than sending campaigns to fake emails collected from either using whitehat or blackhat tricks. Most times, companies running campaigns with bulk emails don’t understand this importance. They go ahead blasting subscribers with bulk emails and in regular cases, result in email bounce, IP address blacklisting and many negative effects.

Ever visited a public website and find out where you are been asked to please enter a valid email address? The reasons are unsure to many people. Most times we tend to disregard this. So, for businesses to understand the basic to verification of email address and how to do it the right way even when they aren’t conversant or geeky with jquery validate email address commands, they, therefore, need a good email verification service providers to protect their email and IP address authentication.

What you Stand to Understand on Email Verification Software

They are lots of e-mails validation software installed on the internet, but today we’ve made a hand pick for the best one and will tell you why we choose them. The truth is ZeroBounce is the good one in this field of email validation process which helps companies and businesses sending bulk emails in high volume to handle the issues of:

  1. Invalid Email Address
  2. IP Address Validation
  3. Bounce Email Elimination
  4. Recipient Demographic Verification and more…

Email validation software uses an email verification API to verify email addresses for accuracy in a standard of maintaining a healthy and reputable email sending to plenty of emails without issues in bounce, IP and invalid emails IDs. So, in this field, Zero Bounce is the best in email validation.

My ZeroBounce Review – Best Email Verification Service Providers?

Zero Bounce is an email verification tool that works handily in verifying an email address. It’s also a software that focuses on email spam and abuse detection to prevent abusive an incorrect emails before sending to avoid spam and unauthorized messages. Zero bounce which also has WordPress plugin can easily be integrated on WordPress for spam detection. It’s used to either redirect users from one page to another with full access without causing bounce on web pages and is also used for email validation and verification.

Key Features of Zero Bounce Abusive Email Detector

Bulk Email Verification/Validation

Bulk Email Checker is software/tool develop to help detect if an email address is either fake or real. It helps to eliminate bots, spam and fake e-mails using e-mail verification API to perform its function. For those who regularly send bulk emails can benefits from this software.

Zero Bounce makes it easy to verify emails address in bulk. Don’t have thousands of emails? Don’t worry, you can subscribe to validate your emails with as low as $10 with custom size or $10 for 5,000 emails. Zero bounce can determine if an email address is good or bad.

Email Abuse and Spam Trap Detection

Based on internal research via a series of algorithms, zero bounce can detect email accounts that are connected with industry-wide blacklists, a huge inconvenience that can derail an entire campaign. Not everyone is on board with the email marketing trend, even when they knowingly subscribe to your list.

Which means many people we send campaigns to are not aware of email marketing trend, though they willingly opted into your list. These users are notorious for marking messages as spam, which poses a high risk to brands building a healthy reputation. Unlike its competitors, zero bounce has compiled a list of known abusers (or complainers) to help companies reach the right audience while eliminating those who don’t want to be included.

These users are notorious for marking messages as spam, which stands a high risk to brands that are trying to build a good and long lasting reputation. Unlike its competitors, zero bounce has compiled a list of known abusers (or complainers) to help companies reach the right audience while eliminating those who don’t want to be included which an Email Verification Best Practices.

Email Bounce Detection

Zero Bounce helps to remove invalid emails from your list to prevent email bounces from ruining your deliverability. It can also help you redirect all upcoming users to other pages of your website if they attempt to exit a particular page. This option can be opt-in and opt-out at any time right in your WordPress dashboard

Data and IP Appending

ZeroBounce can append basic information such as first name and last name, gender, location, account creation date which can also help to send birthdays messages to subscribers and trigger special days of even depending on either geographical, Gender or date of account creation. can append information about the IP address (country, state/region, city, and zip code of IP registration) used when the email was registered or opted-in for advertising.

Email Validation API

This feature of Zero Bounce also provides you with an API which can hook onto the software on your site and then validate all the emails, automatically. The API is used to deliver the following data upon verifying and email address such as:

  • Account
  • Domain
  • Disposable
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Date of account creation
  • Gender etc

Summary Report and Overview


This is to ensure that you receive an accurate report of all emails verified by Zero Bounce email verification tool. It gives a clear detail report of how your data appears or looks like on the web.


Fair Pricing

To serve you better, zero bounce have also made it possible for you to request custom verification package for those that don’t have many emails. This may start from as low as $10 or less. Else all packages prices are as follows.

Alternatively, Validate Email Address using Jquery for Sample Codes

You can see sample email validation coding on Jquery Validate Email Address codes and script.

Final Take Away.

Email Verification can help your business to grow positively, that’s one of the core reasons why ZeroBounce have this program to help businesses in conversion and lead generation. Email Validation can also be a process of verifying either if an email address actually belongs to a real user or not which can handle. With thousands of happy customers, you can take advantage of this email verification tool to ensure accuracy and deliverability in email marketing.


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