Zenmate VPN Review – Free Premium Code and Accounts for Anonymous Browsing

Ever heard of Zenmate premium VPN and their features? Here’s the review and how to get the premium code for free. Wow, this is my best VPN so far. Why are they really my best VPN? I think you shouldn’t be hasty because am going to tell you everything how it works, how to use it and how to get the premium codes. Also exclusively how I use Zenmate to make money online free. But note that this step will only be available on request.

But first I will be answering some frequently asked questions about this VPN which may have remained unanswered on the internet about the Proxy. Maybe I should start by giving the premium codes. No! Let’s see….

What is Zenmate VPN (Free and Premium)?

Zen mate is a premium proxy that allows anonymous browsing. It uses a proxy call anonymous, web and transparent proxy. This proxy is used to connect subscribers on the air to global countries of their choices.

Definitively, Zen-mate is a proxy server that connects subscribers to a global IP address that does not originally belongs to them. i.e, you are browsing anonymously on another server through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By now if you are a regular web user you should know what a VPN means otherwise see the meaning below.

What is a VPN?

I know for those who have not been active or have any experience online may not know what VPN is. But for those who have ideas or know what VPN is let’s hold a second.

A VPN just like I already said is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. This allows you to connect anonymously to the internet without being tracked by hackers or other malicious internet users.

Knowing what VPN is in Broad, will require you to have a clear knowledge of what an IP address is. Else, an IP address is a numeric number assigned to every network used in browsing the internet which can be used to identify your computer online activities.

So what do they do in common?

Good question, I suppose. Before you should have a clear knowledge of how to use VPN, it’s best required you understand what IP address is. This is because Internet Protocol (IP) address will be used to determine your anonymity and which country you actually appeared to be browsing from. A virtual private network is a proxy or a software that change your IP address while an IP address is a network you are connected to otherwise call your server.

Is Zenmate VPN Safe for Browsing?

This question, people always ask but different experts who tried to give the answer never tested the product, but rather gave their feelings as a review. I have been using Zen mate for 1 year and some few months now and I have never hard any internal or server error with my anonymous browsing. So, if am been asked this same question, I will definitely say “YES” zen mate is safe for any web browsing.

What are my reasons for saying “Zenmate is safe” for browsing?

Well, just like I said, I have been using Zenmate for a year plus and I have some many reasons to have chosen them. I don’t advice you to remain on the free plan but rather take chances of the premium plan for the best result. My reasons will be listed below.

Features of Zenmate VPN

  • Strong and recommended Proxy Server

Like a middleman, a web proxy is a connection portal from another computer that serves as a middleman between a web user and a web URL. In a chain: Canada>>>proxy (UK)>>>google.com. Which means if am in Canada and I wish to connect a web proxy via United Kingdom while I access google.com through from Canada, my original IP address may be (18.325.124.2) while the proxy will change to ( UK. This should be clear enough right? You will never be put to hold in any case even on a slow network.

  • It has both web proxy, Android and System Application

You may want to download it either to your browser or windows, Mac or iOS.

  • Unblock Restricted web Data

You might have been logged out from several websites like YouTube or even CPA networks. With Zen-mate you can participate in all foreign CPA networks that do not allow access to your country.

  • Hide my IP address

Zen mate automatically hides your IP address and represent you as another country base internet user. Which means as earlier explained in meaning of proxy, you will be connected via a server based in that country which you intend to be coming from. Technology is changing things for us and it’s now very easy to travel abroad without leaving home. Isn’t that great?

  • Flexible and Affordable Plan

Their Price list is very clear and fair without extra charges. You pay for what you want and get the best result at it best.

Different Extension of Zenmate VPN 2017

To make it more affordable for all end users, zen mate have made it easier for users in different operating system to use their product VPN for anonymous browsing. Below is a list of Operating systems that support Zen mate and where to download them for your own device for free.

But before you download the app for your respective devices, we will need to create a web account that will work across all devices. To create an account follow the below steps.

How to create Zen mate VPN account for free

Step 1: Click here for a premium account registration

Step 2: Fill in the requested information

Step 3: Make payments using any payment gateway that is best to you

Step 4: Verify your email and that’s all

Download Zenmate for Android OS, iOS and Tablet

If you have Android, iPhone or Tablet and wish to browse anonymously in some cases with your device, you can download this proxy directly from your app store and get all the features. Note that you can use one account on all devices.

Download Zem mate for:

Android, Tab or iOS here

Download Zenmate for Firefox Addon

A Firefox Add-on is a proxy that gives commands to your computer via a proxy connection.

To download this VPN for Firefox please follow this steps.

  1. Search for “Zenmate Firefox Addon” on any browser or click here
  2. Download the Addon
  3. Activate the Addon
  4. Login to your Zenmate account now

Download Zenmate for Chrome

If you are a lover of Chrome browser just like me, you are lucky, because Zen mate is available for download to your chrome browser packed as an extension to work as a proxy port on your browser. To download this VPN for your Google Chrome browser, follow this steps.Zenmate Premium Crack Version Free

Step 1: Download it on Chrome using this keyword on Google Search

zenmate for chrome extension”

Step 2: Click Add to Chrome

Step 3: Click on the Chrome extension at the right-hand corner of your address bar

Step 4: Login to your Zenmate account

Download Zenmate for Windows and Mac

This is the best way I like to use Zen mate. The Window or Mac Application gives you more guarantee of cyber security, safety and trust. Is easier to download if for your home page?

Click here for Windows

Click here for Mac

Zenmate Premium Crack Version Free

This Premium VPN also have a crack version that does not require you to visit their site but note that you may still need to create an account for your email. To do so please make use of torrent and any other trusted Apk downloader and then search for Zenmate cracked version. By this w, y you will be able to download the crack version to either your computer or Cell phone free.

Zenmate Premium code Free V3.1 without Using Torrent or any Prox,

Hey are you looking for Zenmate Premium Code that will enable you to connect anonymously to the global server? I have head people saying Zen mate is their best VPN but the problem they usually face is how to get the premium code is case-sensitive for most of them. Zenmate is absolutely a great VPN according to my test and analysis. Consider their free 7 days trial.

Then Zenmate gives that but unfortunately, you will need to make a purchase first.

If you purchase a one month VPN plan with them, you will be given a premium code that will enable you to unlock website, premium content, YouTube and browse anonymous without been traced by any hacker.

Will like to hear from you what you think or feel about Zenmate VPN.



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