WordPress beginner guide by Syed Balkhi: the ultimate guide to WordPress beginners with graphics

WordPress beginner guide is an article compiled by Syed Balkhi the credible maintenance officer of a  WordPress tutorial blog Wpbeginner.

This is the official blog for WordPress and this article made an impact on starting a WordPress blog with full necessary recommendations including plugins and themes required to start and run a professional WordPress blog.

This WordPress beginner guide review and recommendations may be updated in due course.

Ultimate Guide: How to start WordPress blog (WordPress beginner guide)

You can easily start a blog but this is a little stressful and time consuming especially when you are not geeky, I mean when you aren’t familiar with some coding languages.

Though many people confirmed that WordPress is a pick and drop platform on-like blogger.

Sayed Balkhi confirmed that over 130,00+ newbies has been assisted to develop and own professional blogs with the self hosted blog platform (WordPress) with this unlimited guides.

This is quite a huge figure to bid for regarding the difficulty as a newbie.

What impressed me most is that you don’t really require any technical knowledge to be able to run and manage a professional WordPress blog.

This let me to reviewing this WordPress beginner guide blog post.

Requirements to start your self hosted blog

1) You need a domain

2) You will need a hosting plan

3) Head on over with your 30 minutes undivided attention.

Since you are working on a self hosted blog platform you need a house to where your properties can be kept otherwise known as hosting.

WordPress.org give you full authority over your blog so what else?  You can easily install premium themes and plugins of your choice but wait do not rejoice yet about the premium themes and plugins.

Many of this WordPress themes are really free for all users. You can download 100 of themes for free using this link, having purchased all the necessary recruitments for setting up your blog, what next?

Sayed did mention of something that draw my attention after paying less attention to all the previous paragraphs, this one draws me most. What actually drawn my attention like this?  Don’t be scared I’m not saying WordPress isn’t free anymore, but what if I say WordPress isn’t free as earlier said? Pretty good because you have to purchase a domain and also as we earlier said a house too.

What if I assure you that with just your domain and your hosting which are the basic requirements for setting up a WordPress blog you can actually get your site running without spending extra money?

Yes just pay for your domain, hosting and your site will be up and running within few days. Got question on this? Our theme will be there to answer your questions.

WordPress Beginner Guide

Details on this guide.

1) Installation of WordPress using bluehost cPanel

It’s More easier to install a WordPress than making a cup of coffee. First reason for this WordPress beginner guide.

You are now in the cPanel of Bluehost don’t worry a link will be given to you at the end of this review to easily memorize yourself on how to play around your bluehost cpanel.

But for the purpose of this review see image below how to install WordPress using the right option.

WordPress beginner guide

With the help of this review to WordPress beginner guide, over 20 subscribers where able to learn the basic idea of setting up a WordPress blog last week.

You can always login to your WordPress admin dashboard using this URL: yourdomain.com/wp-admin

Enter your username and password as set during installation of WordPress.

Recommendations to WordPress beginners guide

This article came into consideration to be reviewed on mybrandreview.com because before everything started running well with this very blog after reading different posts on the aforementioned blog.

A lots of tutorials and recommendations came from the above mentioned blog as a result of search for a way to install WordPress and run it professionally.

Every thing I really needed to run my blog professionally I was able to get them all for FREE at wpbeginner.com.

And I won’t let you stay away from such an Amazing offer.

It’s quite difficult to fine some kind of juicy articles that gives basically the best approach to setting up a unique blog.

Don’t forget to use our link to purchase your hosting.

If you use our link to purchase your hosting plan with Bluehost, we will be rewarded a token for introducing you at no extra charge to you.

You can also decide to use our free offer, you are only going to pay only for your hosting plan with Bluehost and we will do the design for you at no charge.

Note: Domain is free for every hosting plan you buy with Bluehost.

  1. Having installed your WordPress perfectly, I recommend you read Must have WordPress plugins for freshers
  2. Having seen good looking plugins that defines your needs I will also recommend you to read Beginners guide to install WordPress plugins
  3. Having known how to install WordPress plugins I’d like to also recommend Consider this while choosing a WordPress theme

I hope all the above recommendations will help you install your WordPress blog perfectly.

Finally you need not to worry about professionalism, remain focused and master your WordPress dashboard.

Remember we said earlier on the basic requirements for setting up a WordPress blog that you’d need domain which is free if you are using Bluehost, hosting plan which you can use Bluehost for better experience and lastly your undivided attention.

Keep in mind that mybrandreview.com’s duty is to recommend the best for you.



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