ValuedVoice Review: Scam or Legit? A must read before you join

Hello Guys, I want to share with you another discovery I have made through a friend on making money online which you’d be happy to read about on this valuedvoice review content.

Do you want to see people contacting you on a daily basis for sponsored posts on your blog? Or do you have a good Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages you’d want to get paid to post what you love? Then Linkvehicle is the answer.

I am sharing with you how I have made my first money on LinkVehicle was presently known as ValuedVoice. And this is a proof that ValuedVoice is not a scam.

Before we continue, let’s take a short look at the company meaning. is an advertising company that connect publishers to advertisers who want to reach out to more audience and earn more money through their online platforms. If you are a blogger like me you can make more money with your blog and social media platforms with ValuedVoice (LinkVehicle) program.

Valued Voice connects tastemakers to advertisers, agencies, and brands. Our influencers select sponsored content from hundreds of offers in over twenty verticals and share it on their websites, YouTube channels, and social media.

Source: ValuedVoice About

ValuedVoice Review

Source: ValuedVoice

Valued Voice Previously known as LinkVehicle building relationships among advertisers and tastemakers has grown for some time ago and has built up a lot of reputation for being an only platform to receive valued offers from a sponsored post on your blog.

With Linkvehicle, you will be able to receive turns of offers on your blog depending on the niche you choose to promote.

So now what?

What is ValuedVoice (Linkvehicle)?

Valued Voice started some years back around 2013-2015 with a brand name “Link Vehicle”. Their business Idea where clear enough to pull the internet and let them keep talking about them.

Lots of professionals have laid their review on link vehicle on the importance impartation of the company.

It has never been easy to receive sponsored post on your blog with a poor and inconsistent blog.

With Linkvehicle, publishers are given the opportunity to set any amount they are ready to collect from advertisers to promote a particular product or service on their online platforms.

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Therefore; ValuedVoice as an advertising company is a mutual platform that connects both bloggers, social media users and YouTube Channel owners together with the aim of either creating awareness for a product or service or making money promoting those products or services.

And now what?

LinkVehicle: Are they scam or legit?

Having joint LinkVehicle for a few months now and my little experience with the company referring to many other authors and publishers reviews, I’d like to vouch for them that they are very legit. Many publishers have benefited in one way or the other through this platform.

There’s no scam about this system, you are been contacted by a real human who needs more attention and awareness on their products and services.

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You can choose from different opportunities to start making money online with their service.

Getting started with Linkvehicle

You do not require any skill or handwork to get started with valued Voice on like SeoClerks where you need the skill to sell.

With a Blog, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account, you are ready to kickstart your work.

Do you have any of the above mentioned? One or two if not all is the only requirement to start making money.

Now Sign up by filling this form in the order that suits your preferences. The application takes few hours to a day to get full approval. No trick required.

It may get worse signing up later. Do it now and secure your publisher’s space.

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The most important part;

How do I make Money with ValuedVoice Review?

They are roughly three ways of making money with this system which will be classified as follows. Sponsored Post, Social Media Platforms, and affiliates program.

In this guide, we will be revising this three ways and how you can start making money using these platforms.

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Make Money with ValuedVoice Sponsored Post

If you have a blog Like mine that you are reading right now Bravo. Start receiving a sponsored post on your blog powered by valued Voice. If you sign up for the platform, enter your blog home page then set amount that you’d want to get paid if given an offer to sponsor a post on your blog…

This is a primary way of making money with valued Voice. Your blog design has no effect on this. Just make sure it’s good and provide the right information for the right audience and you are good to go.

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Make money with Valued Voice Social Media Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channels)

With a good and Engaging Social Handles, advertisers will contact you to sponsor images and text on your Facebook wall.

Just like every other person’s, advertisers love engaging social profiles.

Do you have an active social profile like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Have you been sharing your pictures or stories and getting hundreds of likes and comments? Here’s an opportunity for you. With valued Voice, you can be connected to hundreds of advertisers who want to make use of your audience and pay you. Stop wasting your time and energy posting godforsaken pictures that pay you not and attach something paying to it.

Start With your Facebook profile here.

Finally most interesting one is the almighty link vehicle affiliate program.

Make money with Valued Voice Affiliate Program

Valued Voice offer affiliate Program opportunity to all active members, both advertisers, and influencers.

With link vehicle affiliate program you can make money just by referring influencers to the program.

This is the biggest opportunity so far. Start promoting them and make more money while you wait for the opportunity of a sponsored post to come.

You will find your affiliate link on your dashboard ones you have been approved. Start sending influencers to the page and get paid for every approved referred.

Start with the affiliate program here

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Disclaimer: I may earn an affiliate commission if you sign-up using my link just as stated on section “make money with valued Voice affiliate program”.

Common FAQ: How much will I be paid?

You are allowed to set your own prices when working with link vehicle.  Keep in mind, by setting a reasonable price you will earn more money while working with Valued Voice.

How much will I be paid?

You are allowed to set your own prices when working with them.  Keep in mind, by setting a reasonable price you will earn more money while working with Valued Voice.

When will I get paid?

They pay all influencers (publishers) on the first day of every month via PayPal.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account, we have got you covered. Contact us for a verified PayPal account setup.

If you are an influencer managing a blog or social channel, you can work with Valued Voice. They currently offer sponsorship opportunities for Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. When signing up please follow the appropriate steps that pertain to you. Once your account has been created you will start receiving opportunities for sponsorship and affiliates commission.


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