How I used Grammarly to Improve my Writing Skills by 45% in Blogging

Grammarly is a popular ”help my writing” tool for online publishers. It’s an easy to use tool that improves your writing skills.

You improve your grammatical expression and become a better writer overnight with this simple tool.

Either you are a native English Speaker or not, Grammarly is still your best tool to improve writing.

When I started blogging in 2015, I can still remember vividly my sentence construction and presentation. Right well, I still know I haven’t improved my skills yet, but there’s a practical change in my content writing this day.

My story of blogging isn’t the type that will encourage anyone to go into blogging industry. But one thing I notice then from my starting is that I love this type of work. Even without making money from my blog nor even having good traffic that will encourage a blogger I still continued with my work. I took blogging as a career.

Some time ago, I was like how do people do it? But even when I ask myself I never forget to ask my senior in the industry, though Google was my best senior blogger and till today.

Since when I discovered my Grammarly, my writing skills have changed a lot. The truth is that blogging isn’t all about buying a domain and hosting, but the main issue is publishing good constructive contents on your blog.

My story of using grammarly will never end if I want to narate. It’s helped me a lot. So, I will like to show you how I used it to improve my writing skills in blogging.

What is Grammarly?

This is just a perfect tool to support your online writing skills in the area of checking and correcting your puntuation, Grammar, and common spelling mistakes. This extension helps you write freely anywhere on the web. With this extension you will always be sure that your words are mistake free and say what you mean on the web.

Grammarly is also the world’s leading automated proofreader. It checks for more than
250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations. (Grammarly FAQ).

Is Grammarly Free?

Grammarly is a best premim but free student help software for Puntuation, spelling and grammar check. Is a help for any online proofreading. It has every qualification to be call a premium software and yet you can still use Grammarly for free on your system.

Grammarly comes with Free and Premium version.

What is the different between Free and Premium version of Grammarly?

We all know that they’s advantage in premium stuffs. Therefore, there’re lots of advantage why you should go for the premium version of Grammarly Spelling and Grammar Check. Below are their few differences.

Grammarly Free VersionPremium Version
150 Spell checkTwice free Version
No Advance CorrectionsFull Advance Corrections
Free ForeverPaid/Ugraded
No monthly/Yearly chargesMonthly/Yearly Charges
No vocabulary Enhancementprovides vocabulary enhancement suggestions
No Citation SuggestionCitation Suggestion
Detects no plagiarismDetects plagiarism

Grammarly has different reviews by different reviewers including Forbes, Bloggertipsandtricks etc.

You can go for  it now.

How do I get this Proofreading tool?

Grammarly is an online tool that support three different browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox and  Safari. Here i will show you how to install the device on your dedicated browsers.

How to Install Grammarly on Google Chrome

Grammarly support Chrome browser and has a special extension that helps to spell check and correct all grammartical errors within the browser.

You can install the extention by going to your Chrome browser>>>manage extensions>>>Add new then search for Grammarly. Otherwise go here

Before Installing the chrome extension there please Register here first

How to Install Grammarly on Firefox

On your Firefox Browser, you need an add-on for your browser. To do so go here

I am on able to explain how to install it on Safari, this is because I don’t use Safari browser on my system. Therefore I have no idea of how it works.

Enjoy Grammartical Check.

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