Where to Register Your Domain at Very Cheap Rate in 2018

Domain registration hosting registrars is now most competitive niche on the internet. Almost every registrar is running either or both of Google Adwords or Facebook ads to capture customers minds and attention, to drive sales and lead generation.

Do you know you can actually host or register your domain for as low as $2.78? That’s about NGN800.

It is not appropriate to spend much on your domain registration when there are tens of cheap domain registration hosting out there on the internet.

Nonetheless, you do need to consider the authority of any hosting or registration company before trusting them with your domain or hosting.

A good domain registration company is the type that helps to sky-hack your site to the internet with relevancy and trust.

When it comes to domain registration company I always want to go for the cheap ones and at the same time the ones that will not slow down my website.

It’s recommended to use a domain registrar that someone or two have written review(s) on before stating their experience(s) in order to avoid stories that touch.

Just as many gurus have tried to look for a way to reduce the loss of data by webmasters due to going down of some irresponsible domain and hosting companies, it’s then advised not to use one company for both domain and hosting. i.e, if I bought my domain with godaddy.com I should buy my hosting with either of namecheap.com or bluehost.com.

Cheap Domain Registrars and Hosting Companies with One Peny hosting

Recently, I wrote and tried to figure out the best registration company between Hostgator, Namecheap, and Bluehost. The same thing today am going to show you the cheapest amongst all. It may be easy to quickly compare this packages but they can’t be so specific sometime, rather it’s advisable to follow the experience of someone else.

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Now relax, have a cup of coffee and pick up your lenses to browse through this cheap and cheapest hosting and domain registration companies.

1) 1and1 Domain Registration Company

1&1 is a popular and old cheap domain registration company with a cheap and affordable hosting cost. It offers webmasters the opportunity to host their domain with the lowest price.

If you are planning to host your website domain different from your hosting registrar then I assure you to use 1and1.com.

Their prices start as low as $0.99/year and renewal at $14/year.

1&1 payments methods

  • Paypal
  • MasterCard/VISA

Go Register your Domain Now!

2) Godaddy Domain registration company

When it comes to domain registration and hosting, Godaddy is like grandfather amongst all. They are trusted by millions of clients and customer service is quite alright, no problem at all.

You can host your unique .com domain with GoDaddy for as low as $0.99/year for the first year, isn’t that great? Of course yes.

Buy your domain hosting with GoDaddy for as low as $0.99 dollar now and renewal at $11.88.

3) Namecheap Domain Registration Company

Namecheap is considered top 10 ICANN-accredited registrar company with over millions of customers and yet they are still one of the cheap domain registration and hosting company on the internet.

Register your domain for as low as $9.77/year. Renewal remain’s the same. Register now

4) Bluehost Domain Registration Company

Bluehost is an accredited web hosting and domain registration which is supported by WordPress and other popular websites.

Bluehost is also recommended by WordPress and WPbegginer, a popular site for all round tutorial and guides to WordPress WordPress Plugins

Buy a domain on Bluehost for as low as $11.99/year and hosting for as low as $2.55/month.

5) Hostgator Domain Registration Company

Hostgator is pretty cool just for you to ignore their hosting and domain registration. So what are you waiting for? Do you know with just $12.66/year you can host your .com domain with Hostgator and push your website to the internet? Yes, you can do this.

Register your domain with Hostgator Now!


Tips to consider before Choosing a Domain Registrar

#1. Consider how much is required to transfer a domain from their company to any other company of your choice when the need arises.

#2. Check their offer regarding whois guard

#3. Compare their reputation online and trust

#4. Check out and compare their prices

#5. Make sure the company is an ICANN registered registrar


Domain registration companies are massively increasing daily from shared hosting to cloud hosting including domain registration.

Some fake and no reputable companies tend to charge higher than



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