How to Start A Product Review Blog and Make More Money

On my recent post, I was asked how to start a product review blog and the benefits of owning a review blog. Well, I took it as a challenge that since I was asked this questions, definitely 20% of my readers may be interested to read this kind of article on

Today you are therefore lucky to read this step by step guide how to start a product review blog and how you can make the best out of it. Please pay attention to every part of the post to gain every bit of the content if this post is for you.

Before we continue, 

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When I publish my most recent post, on 13 things to consider doing before choosing a blogging niche, I made mention of understanding your passion, resources and a lot of other factors to consider.

But that’s not what we will do today. If you want to read the post to be fully acquainted, go straight and read.

To start a product review website, you don’t need to own your own product or e-commerce to start it. You need just to grow and develop the passion and the love for it.

I have been running my product review blog, the one you are currently reading this post and it’s never been easy as this. I have earned some bulk and it’s still rolling in for this short period that I have optimized my blog. How will you feel when a company contact you that “Am checking to know if you can give us an opportunity for a sponsored post (review)”? Perhaps you should be happy because it’s gonna add some little bulk to your account.

It will be more benefiting if you focus more on a particular product you want to review. For example; if I offer to review products mainly from Amazon store, I will need to sign up for Amazon associate program (Affiliate Programwhich will enable me to sell their products right on my blog. I guess now you got the scope.

Starting a product review blog just like I said will only require your deep and unconditional love and passion. It’s very benefiting and lovely to start a product review blog.

What is a Product Review Blog?

A product review blog just like every other blog is a blog mainly to review either a particular product or viral products and services. is an example of a viral product review blog that review any product and services.

How to Start a Product Review Blog

Starting a product review blog require little or no special tool or qualification to start. It all start with your personal interest. Some people have been asking me how to launch their own personal brand base on review. This is the only opportunity am going to provide which will help you launch your first product review blog.

Note that you are going to be writing for companies with high profile and definitely will need to meed some certain requirements which will be discuss hereafter this section.

Grow your passion

As I earlier said on my post about choosing a blogging niche. If you are not passionate about the niche you want to start blogging on, i.e reviewing other peoples businesses, you will end up earning nothing. Passion is also what will make your content go on the first page of Google page one for good click-through rate. This is one factor that will make advertisers keep running after you.

For example.

I recently wrote a review about hub8. I was convinced am going to definitely rank for this keyword. I gave them full assurance am going to influence their business with my audience. And trust me, this review got me google search traffic and made me good amount of money. You may try searching for Hub8 Review and other good review keywords like Zerobounce review and the rest.

You have to develop the interest and the unconditional motivation for this niche keeping aside how to make money with it from the beginning. You are going to be writing for an hungry audience who wants to either see customers complains, past experience or good and bad of a product before purchasing. You then have to keep it real.

Think of Product to Promote

If you want to start product review blog, you probably should understand that you aren’t gonna be writing on how to date girls, how to start a blog and the rest. You need a product or products to promote through your review. Of course we all understand you are starting a product review blog because you wanna make money from either affiliate marketing or any other source.

Therefore, you need a product or service to review. You need a good and perfect research about this as it will be something you’re going to be writing about all the time. For example: if am going to start a gadget review blog, I will surely need to sign up for Amazon Associate Program which will enable me insert my Amazon affiliate link after review an iPhone X. This means, after carefully review iPhone X, hungry buyers who searched for iPhone X review may likely be directed by Google to land on my page and after all, I will direct my reader to where to purchase his or her iPhone X which contains my Amazon Associate Program Link.

What will happen here?

Wow, I will get paid for the huge commission. i.e, if Anthony bought an iPhone X for $400 I will be paid my 10% commission as $40. Now multiply $40 * 10 customers a month this will be…$400. Good job for the month.

Find a good Domain

Domains are vital when it comes to keyword related review. Perhaps you know it won’t be fare to find how to start a blog on a domain with Therefore, let the domain speak your topics. For example, I tried to register a domain mainly for Amazon Associate account as mykindlebook. This, I intended to make reviews on eBooks both Amazon and personal courses. But unfortunately Amazon already secured the domain since it’s directly referring to their kindles.

This domain will easily speak for reviews base on books and digital courses and will generate much more sales after all.

Wanna Buy a domain? Try Namecheap and buy a domain for as low as $0.88/yr.

See my full Namecheap Hosting Review Here

Decide your blogging platform and build it

I strongly recommend you make a review blog on WordPress. Read here how to Start a Professional WordPress Blog.

Advertisers who will want to advertise or pay for sponsorship on your blog will always want your blog to be in a standard of self-hosted. Hosting is very cheap and affordable. Buy Your hosting here for as low as $9/year or claim your coupon here and pay 3 years for the price of 2 years. Save 100% of one year. Or claim your free web hosting with hub8.

Start Writing Reviews

Since you aren’t going to remain mainly on reviewing product from affiliate marketing, you need to start as soon as possible by reviewing either free product and services or affiliate programs. Brands and advertisers will be contacting you to write a review about their products or services. But before you will get to this point, you will need to move a bit with your work. Work on your SEO, increase your Domain Authority by building good backlinks to your homepage. Domain Authority and Search Engines presence will always draw advertisers to you.

Take for instance. A product was launched on reduce email bounce rate or email validation. I got a sponsored offer because I was on first page of email validation. People search for their competitors keywords to target their own keywords too. Therefore, it’s advice you help yourself by working on your domain authority.

Benefits of Starting a Product Review Blog

There are a lot of advantage starting a review blog. July 2017, I got a lot of benefits. I was to review a web hosting company and because of that, I offered that I don’t advertise, rather I recommend what I have used. Therefore, I will need a free domain and hosting to see how their service work and to know if I can recommend to my audience. Quickly, the CEO replied and supplied me with the requested domain and one year hosting. I quickly used it to build a client site and gave them a review and still got paid for sponsorship. This was cool. Therefore, you benefits include:

  1. Free premium products and services for sampling
  2. Drive targeted traffic to your blog from real audience who are potential buyers
  3. Make more money for sponsorship and affiliate programs
  4. Get Email Sign Ups
  5. Fresh post topics never to run into writers block

How to Get Free Products to Review

The reasons why you started a product review blog is because you want to make money online as either a beginner or pro. This is the time to start receiving product to review. The first place to begin receiving product for review is on your own personal website/blog.

  1. Set up Advertise with us page
  2. ClickBank
  3. Ebay
  4. Amazon
  5. Commission Junction
  6. Rakuten Linkshare
  7. Udemy
  8. Impact Radius
  9. Sign up for sponsored posts networks

How to make money with Product Review Blog

Now that you have successfully set up your product review blog, it’s time to start making the money. But often times, we find it difficult to start making the money. Since I started my Review blog in March 2o17, I have made good amount of dollars from this blog either through sponsorship, affiliate and the rest. I will be sharing with you in this section how to make money with your product review blog. Base on my experience.

Affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is the primary way to make money with product review blog. This is all about reviewing a product and embedding your affiliate link. If anyone buys through your link, you get paid for referring that person. This way, you will make more money with your blog. I don’t think of Google Adsense at all. See Highest Paying Affiliate Program Now.

Get Sponsorship

To get sponsorship, your blog have to be of good standard in the area of on-page and off-page SEO and domain authority. You can now start the race.

Three best ways to get sponsorship on your blog.

  • Sign up for Sponsorship Programs and get sponsored opportunities like: ValuedVoice, Izea and getreviewed. there are many other platform like these base on your niche.
  • Affiliate Program: If people publish their affiliate programs, they want to make it public and rampant. They need bloggers in a related niche to write about them and will surely contact you using your contact page.
  • Contact Companies yourself. This is the second trick that works for me. When I see a potential product that will interest my readers, I make research about the product. Then if it’s good, I will surely contact the admin for sponsored review on my blog.

Trust me, after doing this for 10 times, 2 or 5 must convert if not all.

Things you will need to start a product review blog

To manage your product review successfully and make money fast, you need to gather some premium packages that will enable you manage your product review blog perfectly. And I will recommend few I’ve used to you so you can explore.

First, I use GetResponse to set autoresponder and landing pages. See example of my sales page here. I also use namecheap to host my site. I use Grammarly to edit my content for error free etc

I have shared with you on how to make money with product review blogging. All external links may contain my affiliate links. If you use them, I will be paid commission for referring you at no extra cost to you. Help me by using my affiliate links for the hard work put together by publishing this post. Thanks


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