Review – Best Email Marketing Tool for Free Bulk Email Sending

I should be asking if you have read about sendpulse email marketing server. But the truth is I so much love this tool and I’d wish to give my own review and what I feel about them.

But before I start rating or downgrading this awesome tool, it won’t be nice if I just hit it on the head. You know what am talking about. Rather, let’s start from the root of the subjects. I hope you understand.

So now what do you have for us about send pulses?

I know you have a question and thinking of jumping to that part of your question answer, but wait a minute, hold on preaches boy and listen to what sendpulse is! Lol was just trying to keep you awake from sleep.

What is Sendpulse?

sendpulse logo

Send pulse is that simple, awesome and incredible email marketing and push notification software that helps to pull your digital sales. It’s a very powerful email marketing tool as compared to other free/paid email marketing software as we earlier discussed on this blog. Is also a free email sending service that provides free bulk email service to their users.

In summary; SendPulse is an e-mail marketing service that maximizes the newsletter open rate automatically.

Send pulse offer but a simple and understandable service to both free and paid subscribers without distinctions or limitations.

This is your best chances of becoming an amazing internet or email marketer with this great tool that you cannot just imagine.

You are lucky to have visited this blog for a sendpulse review which will cover a wide range of the tool that will help you to get started with your email marketing.

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Why do you need email marketing?

Are you a webmaster, blogger, internet marketer, affiliate marketer or any digital stuffing related that requires your communications with clients or subscribers? Then you need email marketing which sendpulse have a great relief for your decision.

You need email marketing to reach out to potential and regular customers in order to render a standout branded customer service.

Many bloggers baffle me. They fail to realise on time that any blog reader is a potential customer and deem to be respected and given special attention and treatment. They don’t seem to know the need of collecting their audience emails in order to reach out to them as and when due.

Collecting your reader’s email isn’t bad but try as much as possible to respect their privacy and do not spam.

Good news! Now you can easily configure your sendpulse right inside your WordPress dashboard and get subscribers imported to your email list with ease. Don’t worry I will talk about that soon on this post. To know more about email marketing and how to start reading this my post.

Key Features of Sendpulse

  • Sendpulse WordPress plugin
  • Sendpulse push notifications
  • Sendpulse SMS to direct phone numbers
  • Free mass email service
  • Sendpulse API for easy integration with WordPress
  • A&B Testing
  • Free email Automation
  • free bulk email sending
  • Multiple Email List creation
  • Detailed report for campaigns
  • Customize Templates for forms and emails

Read this:

How to send bulk email with Send pules

This is the same with all other email marketing software. You can as well do this in three simple and mathematical steps for free.

After signing up here

Friends who use my referral link will receive a total $50 discount for any monthly plan (email or SMTP). The discount is $10 per month for the first 5 months.

Head on to create your first campaign immediately and start to:

Send Bulk Emails, SMS and Web Push: All-in-One powered by SendPulse

Send pulse vs MailChimp – which is the best?

Well, as long as I have tested both of them in the time past, I do say Send pulse is far better than MailChimp. Note so discriminated with my opinion and review but considering what I experienced last year with MailChimp and what am currently enjoying with Send Pulse, they happened to be my best of the two.

My reasons are as follows:

  • MailChimp Spam detector isn’t as friendly as Sendpulse
  • MailChimp can easily disable your account especially for the free plan and claim you are using affiliate words whereas seed pulse has no issues of such.

This alone makes me believe in them

Sendpulse WordPress plugin

As we all know that plugins are the best spices for WordPress as a CMS. Send Pulse on an attempt to serve you better have a fantastic plugin that allows you create newsletter within your WordPress dashboard through a Send pulse API.

You only need to get your sendpulse API and Secrets Pin

How to get your API and Secrets Pin

Head on to your sendpulse dashboard

Click Settings>>>API>>>>tuggle the on and off button to ON>>>Click save that’s all your API will appear

Copy it and head on to WP to setup your plugin. You have successfully integrated sendpulse with WP.

sendpulse api


What benefits will you get by connecting WordPress to SendPulse Email Marketing plugin?

  • The high open rates of email campaigns.
  • SendPulse focuses on maximizing emails open rate automatically. The main reason is an artificial intelligence system that predicts the best time for email delivery.
  • Create an unlimited autoresponders and mailing lists.
  • The availability to personalize emails and make list segmentation.

All you need to know about sendpulse

They are lots of things that you need to know about the sendpulse free bulk email service providers that will make you interested in them.

I will be very detailed about it and pay attention.

Free account for small business with 2500 subscribers

Easy mailing list

sendpulse email list

It’s very easy to create an email list with send pulse and start collecting subscribers even right from your WordPress dashboard for free.

Subscription Forms

With sendpulse, it’s very easy to create and integrate any kind of web form, from pop up and in post forms.


They have an easy to set auto responder that will automatically respond to commands and send created and triggered emails to subscribers even in your absence. This is a very exceptional feature as compared to other list management software.

Free Email Templates

Either you are creating campaigns for Wocommerce, business or personal blog, Sendpulse have the best templates for you.


Sendpulse is really an amazing email list management software with all qualifications. While you are been given the free account, it only work when you have subscribers below 2500 if one is added you must then choose a primium plan. Don’t feel bad. You can also import your emails and start sending your emails to subscribers.

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