Pluralsight Review 2018 “Learn and Develop your IT Skills”

Do you know that with Pluralsight you can actually start learning developing, web design, SEO and even viral IT skills for free or Paid? I want to show you on this post how possible it is to start learning any IT skill of your dream with Pluralsight through this honest review.

What is Pluralsight?

Though the name may not imply the meaning, perhaps you should be thinking of something that’s off topic right now.

Pluralsight helps to offer video training courses for professional IT developers on a subscription basis. This means that you can start a subscription with Pluralsight right now and start learning the desired IT skill that will better change your life for good. Either you are a developer already, a novice, a professional or an amateur in any IT skill you may be interested off, Pluralsight still offer you the opportunity to learn, advance and be creative in those skills. Having a beginner’s knowledge of these skills is an added advantage.

If you already have a background in web design, WordPress, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Woocommerce, Mobile Application design and development etc, Plural Sight proves to use that little skill of yours together with their learning platform to set up a business around your skills.

You can also learn basic skills in video editing, Photoshop, Photo editing and lots of other basic Desktop Application according to your individual interest.

A lot of things are really put together here at Pluralsight to differentiate the platform from other learning platforms like Udemy and the likes. Such differences shall be discussed in this review afterword.

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Pluralsight vs Udemy: which is the best?

As a matter of fact, Udemy with their good marketing strategies seems to be more popular and rebranding with audience visibility. Comparing the two platforms will be a huge advantage to know which one is best to invest both your time and money into at a particular period of time considering your budget.

Udemy is a platform similar to Pluralsight. They also offer video training courses to their clients. Here you are going to pay by individual course thereby increasing your budget for learning as many courses as you desire. Courses are also available for free and paid starting from $10.


Pluralsight is a platform that offers video training courses to subscribers and charges on a monthly basis. Your one-month subscription will cover you for new courses and all existing courses which are an exceptional advantage in the platform.

You can even share course(s) access to friends and family with your one month subscription. You will learn basically ITC courses that will better and change your life for good at a subsidised rate. More profitable is that you also have a complete one week access to the platform to better test, examine, explore and know if it worth your money for free.

This means that you will be given access to all existing courses without paying anything until the free period is over. Good news is that you can cancel at any time. You can claim your Free Trial below.

Benefits of Plural Sight

Your benefit as a trainee at plural sight is endless as you continue to gain more knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship. Below are the basic and recurring advantages.

  1. One time payment (one month) gives you access to new and existing course
  2. You will learn so fast either with text or video training
  3. You will gain advanced development skills in web, mobile and Desktop Application design
  4. Learn Advance courses even as a newbie
  5. Auto-renewal
  6. Use it to start a personal school course with Business account
  7. Free trial to test the courses etc

How to Start the Free Trial with Pluralsight?

  1. Click here to visit their official site (Aff)
  2. Enter your details as it right to you.
  3. Proceed with Payment of $0 with your debit/credit card or PayPal
  4. Confirm your account (Note you won’t be charged anything till after 10 days)
  5. You can cancel your subscription before the 10 days finally elapse. If you don’t do that note that you will be charged.

What can you use Pluralsight for?

Pluralsight can be used if not in all but most cases in the following ways

  • Develop personal skills
  • Advance in any skill you learn
  • Practical in classes
  • Can be used to set up your own school with the Business subscription
  • And many more

Claim your Free Trial here now


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