How to Make $1000 Daily from PeoplePerHour (PPH) Sitting at Home without any Skill or Website

Make money with Peopleperhour without leaving your office.

As a global community for willing and able freelancers, Peopleperhour launched a free platform for people to either outsource their work globally or offer a service for a token.

Peopleperhour is massively growing to a population of freelancers and outsourcers who want to help each other to create services.

Either you are a seller or a buyer, PPH is here to build online trust.

You definitely want to make money sitting at home with your PC browsing your job order coming in.

As a freelancer, you need this review.

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What is Peopleperhour?

Peopleperhour is an online marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

It’s a place where business owners go to outsource for their desired services.

Just like Fiverr and SEOClerks, PPH is designed to help buyers to get access to thousands of freelancers available online.

PPH is an online platform, base UK.

It’s a website every internet marketer who wants to make money online must sell their skills for money.

It’s also a place to outsource for global works by buyers.

What can I do with Peopleperhour?

You can do a lot with people per hour.

You can sell different services on people per hour within a 2 minutes setup.

PPH allow you to sell Web design service, articles writing, reviews, etc.

What are the Advantages of buying in Peopleperhour?

Well, there are lots of advantages buying in people per hour

  • You will find professionals in real time
  • Efficiency in job delivery
  • Well protected with simple payment option
  • Your money is safe with PPH as Escrow until job is delivered
  • You can receive/send proposals
  • Is a free platform for everyone
  • You can advertise your Hourlie on PPH
  • You have a CERT score
  • Free Endorsement by friends

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What are the disadvantages of buying in Peopleperhour?

There are not actually many disadvantages buying in PPH platform.

But if you must know, the only disadvantage I can tell is the fact that services there are very expensive.

Peopleperhour are there really a Scam or a Legit Platform?

peopleperhour scam or legit

PPH is never a scam. They’re very legit. You can trust them.

What can I buy or sell in Peopleperhour platform?

You can buy and sell from this services.

  • Keyword Research (SEO)
  • Content writing
  • PHP experts
  • Reviews
  • Javascript Experts
  • Web Design
  • And lots of other services

There are all call hourlie.

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Where can I Register for PPH platform to buy or sell?

I should have told you this ever since but as a teacher, you should focus on giving detail of the topic before hitting the nail on the head.

You can register and start buying or selling services from people per hour right here and now.

  1. Sign up here for FREEpeopleperhour
  2. You will receive a free 20 Pound for free just by using my link (sign up here)
  3. Register and confirm your email address
  4. Modify your profile
  5. Browse your first job or post an hourlie

What Makes Peopleperhour different from another freelance platform?

People per Hour is quite different from any other freelancers.

On like Fiverr and SEOClerks.

In PPH you benefit this

  • Advertise your hourlie
  • Send/receive proposals
  • Both seller/buyer have ratings, you can easily know who’s who
  • No money paid except for buyers
  • buyer/seller in one account
  • PPH goal is to let you sell your first two sales within your first 2 months.

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My Recommendation for Peopleperhour users

PPH works a platform connecting Sellers to Buyers.Services are offered on PPH through either Hourlies, which are settled value administrations; or Custom Jobs, which can be settled value, cost every hour or cost per service. Services conveyed in these courses on PPH are on the whole alluded to in these terms as “Occupations or jobs”.

Register using my link in order to receive your 20 pounds for free

Don’t use fake Address.

Use your real user address.

I recommend that you take this serious as your business.

People per Hour is earning a good amount of money within few days of sign up.

How do I pay for my service demand in PPH?

You can pay for your services demand using either:

  • Credit/Debit card
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer

How Do I get Paid if I deliver a job in Peopleperhour?

Your money will be with the administrator of the platform call an escrow.

This will help the buyer to be reassured that he/she is not been scammed or something

You will get paid in the following ways

  • Credit/Debit card
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Bank and ACH Bank(USA only) account.

N.B: You can add up to 15 payment account details per one account

As a Buyer in PPH, what extra charges do I have to pay?

Buyer’s charges fee are outline below in a table to help you get aquinted before going into it

Deposit payment methodFee
Bank TransferNo charge
Paypal£0.6 + 5%
Credit / Debit card£0.6 + 5%
Skrill£0.6 + 5%
Alipay£0.6 + 5%
Cashu£0.6 + 5%
Qiwi Wallet£0.6 + 5%
TrustPay£0.6 + 5%
GiroPay£0.6 + 5%
Paysafecard*£0.6 + 10%

With different payment method, you can select the one that best suite your location.

What are my withdrawal fees as a seller in Peopleperhour?

When a Seller withdraws funds from their PPH Account, PPH pass on any fees incurred to process the payment by third parties as a withdrawal fee, as follows:

Withdrawal CurrencyWithdrawal MethodFee
GBPUK bank transferNo charge
GBPSEPA/Local Currency*£1.99
GBPInternational bank transfer£19.99
USDUS bank transfer (ACH)No charge
USDSEPA/Local Currency*$2.99
USDInternational bank transfer$29.99
EURSEPA/Local Currency*€1.99
EURInternational bank transfer€19.99
GBP | USD | EURPaypal1.9%
GBP | USD | EURSkrill1%

What to Take Note of About Peopleperhour as a Seller

1) A monthly debit of $9.95 will occur in your account if your account possesses any amount of money for inactivity for a certain period of 6 months plus.

This debit will only take place as from the 7th month of users inactivity in the platform.

This debit will take place automatically without informing you and will be directed to the administration account.

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I know you want to start PPH now and Earn your first dollar.


People Per Hour is your number one freelance platform.

Comparing my experience with Fiverr and SEOClerks, Honestly, I will rather choose PeoplePerHour.

This is because their processes are easier than the above.

You can SING UP here for FREE.



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