Make Money With Aliexpress in 2018 using Aliplugin

As you all know, there are various affiliate programs online and new ones springing up daily. Affiliate marketing as you also know is apparently one of the fastest ways to make money online quickly, if you know what to do and most especially do what you know correctly.

The world’s largest online retail names such being Amazon and eBay crush it and earn billions of dollars in sales each and every year, all thanks to their highly engaged web of affiliates, people like you and me, who work hard to promote their products on their blogs and affiliated stores.

Yet another huge name has emerged in the last few years and is bound to overtake in size and scope the previous two earlier mentioned. Its a Chinese owned based global shopping mall called ALIEXPRESS.

It is owned by Alibaba, the world’s largest conglomerate company, and it has been crushing sales records yearly ever since it was launched. People love shopping at AliExpress, especially because many of their merchants offer free worldwide shipping, which apparently every customer wants to hear!

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In this article, I’ll show you how to get your slice of cake, and use the ever-growing power of AliExpress to fill your pockets with some great affiliate cash. The AliExpress affiliate program performs to an extent far much better than any other online retail provider, with a huge commission of 8.5% for each separate sale they receive from your customer reference and that’s just a start-up mission because the more products you sell, the larger your commission will be. It can amount to an astounding 20% per single sale, which is huge in terms of potential revenue because AliExpress sells absolutely everything from the cheapest to the most luxurious expensive items, and you never know what the customer you refer to them is to buy.

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AliExpress has enough promotional material and special offers all year round, it will make your head spin, and that’s good! The best thing is that their affiliate program is not only free to join but you do not have to wait for any form of approval as you do with other online retailers. Your application will be approved immediately and you can now start making money. Join the AliExpress affiliate program here.

Making money with the affiliate program from AliExpress can be very simple and very worthwhile if you know how to do it right and in the next few paragraphs you would get to know how because I will present to you the absolute best and fastest way to do it.

Introducing AliPlugin

Now, this is the tool, I would require you to use to skyrocket your earnings as an Aliexpress affiliate. It’s a plug-in that comes directly from AliExpress, and as soon as you add it to your WordPress website, it automatically creates an Aliexpress looking store out of it, in fact, a website with a white label.

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If you want to check the plug-in and want to see how it works, you can do so here.

The plug-in basically ensures that your website resembles AliExpress, so that people who have already heard of AliExpress automatically rely on your site. With the plug-in, you can add products with a single click, hundreds and even thousands. It keeps your prices up-to-date at all times and imports daily and weekly deals.

Once a customer clicks a Buy button, they are taken to the AliExpress product sales page where they can complete their purchase with your partner link so that you can receive the commission. You get not only the commission for the product that they have bought on your website, but for everything they buy on AliExpress during their bargain. It works in the same way as Amazon’s affiliated program. The coolest thing about this plug-in is that it literally runs on autopilot. You can plan new product updates every day and the plug-in takes care of page SEO, product prices, absolutely everything.

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The plug-in gets a lifelong update from its developer and can be used on an unlimited number of sites – which you rarely get from other developers and plugins.

AliExpress is literally a huge goldmine and this plugin is the best key to open the doors to that gold mine.

To open an AliExpress affiliate account, click here.

Click here to view the AliPlugin. Thank you for reading,


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