Is MailBoxValidator a good fit to Reduce Email Bounce Rate? Read my Opinion

Recently I published an article that went viral about email verification and validation service which helps to reduce bounce rate on emails sent via internet service providers.

It’s obvious that larger companies with large email list receive over 33% of bounce rate in real time as verified by MailBoxValidator.

This mostly sends bad reputation to ISP or ESP.

If you are using good email list management software like Getresponse or any other, or maybe you run your email through jquery email validation which will require coding.

Review Net we are concerned with recommending something about being best and with good proportion. Many email service providers suffer the heck out of the negative effect of fake and spamming emails. A lot of internet fraudsters are out with fake emails and may attempt to sign up for your list, that’s to receive updates from you.

Chances are that they may successfully be signed up and emails verified if you are using double opt-in on your opt-in forms. But, it’s confirmed that every day, users either delete or changes their email address due to fear of being traced or something else.

The only way to confront this challenge is by noticing the need to use an email validation service provider which will handle everything off your efforts to satisfy you.

It may be easier to communicate directly with your audience on social media platforms disregarding email marketing. But a report says that email campaigns seem to convert easily than social chat.

I guess this is because of the fact that you are taking your time to craft a catchy email content which will leave your audience with no option but to bring click-through rate high by opening, reading, replying or clicking on links.

The bad part is when your emails generate more bounces than getting them opened and actually red and links clicked by users. This way, you will suffer high bounce rate which may result to low reputation.

This is morally or literally caused by abusing users inbox by purchasing email list from third parties.

It’s better to focus more on getting targeted emails which can convert more than buying a third-party list that will rather store your messages on spam or rather not delivered and result to bounces.

Monitor your Bounce Rate using Email Marketing Tools

When an email bounces, it means that the email was either not delivered successfully or could not contact the mail server. Often this is due to outdated email addresses or even a typo when typing in the email address during signup on a website.

In your opt-in forms, you can attempt to terminate this by enabling double opt-in on your forms. This way, your users will have to verify the provided ownership by logging in to click a link which will automatically verify them.

This may not still guarantee best results against bounces but will only leverage your efforts.

I recommend you use an email validation service provider which can handle this job in bulk quantity or smaller.

Therefore, I will introduce:

Mailboxvalidator tool

For you which helps to verify emails in any quantity to be sure of your campaigns.

The fact that you are using double opt-in forms doesn’t still guarantee best results against bounces but will only leverage your efforts to eliminate bounce back.

Using a tool can be 100% sure because the tool have been designed with a focus to complete a task which is eliminating email bounces. Therefore, the only way to remedy this is to run your email list through an email validation service like MailboxValidator.

MailboxValidator is a simple tool that gives 2 ways to clean your mailing list.

Is either you upload in bulk with a CVS file containing the email addresses to validate and then just wait for the process to be done. Once the verification of the file is done, an email will be sent to the user to download the results.

You can find more information here

Using an email address verifier service like MailboxValidator can help lower your email marketing campaign costs

The joy here is that, their service is very cheap and affordable as compared to other companies.

You can explore their Monthly, yearly and free plan using this picture or check here.

MailBoxValidator Bulk Price

MailboxValidator Bulk Price List

The good part of the API is that you can easily integrate it with your programs. Which means you can easily use it with your forms and other platforms used for collection of emails addresses.

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