Linkcollider Review: Best Alternative to get Backlinks and Social Signals Free

Link Collider reviewers have always not stated the importance of this amazing SEO tools service. This tool is very useful in building social signals for SEO of a web page.

It’s not been easy getting social signals until I discovered this social backlinks traffic booster.

linkcollider review

We discuss last time about the almighty Google Adsense Approval trick which was a bomb, having discussed this, I want to quickly write this comprehensive review about Linkcollider to share my experience with their SEO booster service.

Linkcollider is an all in one SEO pack for social shares and backlinks generation.

Is easier to get social shares which will pass the signal to SERPs and other web directories.

what is backlink

Backlinks are best Google Rankings factor. They are like pillars that hold your blog, pushing it to appear on SERPs Like 1,2,3 or 4th page. Backlinks make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. They are very important to rank web pages SEO. Read more on WPbegginner about backlinks.

Social shares are also best-ranking factor in Google algorithm. Which means Google takes into account every social share you get to your domain, like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of other social medias.


Linkscollider reviewers have only discussed on what the system works disregarding the “how to get free backlinks and social shares” as well.

Well, right on this links-collider review,  you are going to learn a lot including how to get free coins to run your promotion.

On this guide you are going to learn:

  1. What Linkscollider is
  2. Importance of links Collider
  3. How to sign up for links Collider
  4. How to add your website/facebook page for shares/likes
  5. How to get free Dofollow backlinks from Linkscollider
  6. How to get Free coins for your promotion
  7. How to increase website traffic for free
  8. Best Way to promote your own website/YouTube/Facebook Page and finally;
  9. The best way to get coins. Enjoy

Now let’s start with something easier.

What is Linkcollider?

Linkcollider is an all in one SEO pack that helps to get social shares, automatic backlinks, YouTube subscribers, visual website view etc URL to WordPress blog, Tumblr, Blogspot.

What do you mean?

Do I really get subscribers on my blog?

The answer is a huge yes!  You will have enough of subscribers on your YouTube channel free using what we call coins in your personal dashboard.

Importance of Linkcollider

Linkscollider is important in building automatic backlinks to your blog, boost website traffic, conversion rate optimization social signals for SEO etc.

People go online in search to buy social signals for their websites but with the help of this free SEO tool, you can have even more than enough social signals for your blog/website.

How to sign up for Link Collider


Step 1: Go to linkcollider (I will earn commission if you use this link and purchase coins at no extra cost to you)

Step 2: Field the necessary information and hit submit

Step 3: Verify your email

How to add your website/facebook page in Linkcollider dashboard

Step 1: Right on your dashboard Click on “SUBMIT A WEBSITE

Step 2: Choose Personal/Business website if you are looking for social shares and backlinks for your blog or choose other options that may best describe your needs (google plus page, facebook page, twitter, youtube)

Step 3: Fill in the information as appropriate. In place of URL, enter your homepage ( if you want your homepage to be shared on social media otherwise enter your article URL that you will want to receive social signals eg. This is where link collider backlinks will be sent to in order to increase website traffic free.


How to get free DoFollow Backlink from link Collider website

Step 1: Head on to SEO TOOL

Step 2: Go to Backlinks Generator

Step 3: Fill some information that will be required

Step 4: Write any short article as you can in the range of which will match with your niche then include a link to your site.

Step 5: Copy the link to the article, go to Google Webmaster tool and submit the URL, after that go to and ping the post in order for Google to index the link.

How to get Linkcollider Coins for free for promotion

Link Collider coins are like money you pay for people to help share your content to social media to boost website traffic for free, subscribe to YouTube channel and even to view your website.

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They are several ways you can get coins for free promotion. Without coins in your account, your links will not be displayed for promotion in the promotion board.

They are mainly two ways you can get coins in linkscollider which is either by completing a task in order to get paid and the second is to purchase coins with your MasterCard/PayPal or Bitcoins.

How to get the coins free

Step 1: Go to collect coins

Step 2: Choose which task you’d want to complete in order to get paid in coins

Step 3: complete the task and get paid in linkcollider’s coins


How to increase website traffic for free with this social media and SEO Tool

This tool is so helpful as compared to the Maxvisits which I recently reviewed last week. This tool can help you increase your website traffic by 31% per week if you use it. I don’t border myself sharing my articles on social media at times, but ones I publish them, I quickly look for a way to get the link submitted on my dashboard for shares. And as far as I have coins on my accounts, within a couple of 10 minutes I already have more than 20 shares.

Watch Video Tutorial how Linkcollider works


Increasing website traffic is very difficult if you don’t use the right promotional tactics to market your brand. Social Media is the only source of generating free traffic to blogs especially when you aren’t geeky when it comes to SEO.

David Akindeji wrote and talks about 6 social media marketing tips which is viral you can go check.


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