Interview with SEO Expert GT Igwe Chrisent: The untold secrets of SEO

As I promised to interview top SEO experts in Nigeria as known, I present to you our own man behind Entrepreneur Nigeria.


GT Igwe Chrisent


I wish that you gain SEO knowledge from this experts answers on SEO question with Mr. GT Igwe Chrisent.



Hi Chrisent, thank you for agreeing to this interview at REVIEW NET GATO.

Can you please tell us little about yourself and your blogging background?
My name is Gudtalent Igwe Chrisent Nnamdi, I’m 25, born on 14th June 1992. From Ikwo, in Ebonyi state.

I came into blogging in March 2015 with GTPEDIA as my first domain which failed and never made a single dollar till date, so, I moved on to starting afresh with other domain (Techliet, Gist Insider, etc) having learned my lesson in the hard with GTPEDIA.At the moment, I have 6 successful domains on the web and have touched almost all the niches except health and few others

One of your blog at EntrepreneurNG seems to be more known as yours: Can you tell us little about the blog?
My passion has already been around business, enterprise and solutions, So, coming up with Entrepreneur Nigeria to me, is one very big and right way to go about giving the society the best I can.

The platform is Built for Nigerians who wants the best out of life. So we cover Business ideas and guides, Enterprise teachings and branding, motivation, Advice, deep insight, profiles of reputable and industry leaders, How to guides, Jobs and the rest of them. At the moment, we only care about Nigerians and looking up the day we will become the number one go to source for all the areas we cover.

Considering the growth of your blog; How do you do with contents, do you pay people to assist or you have a team already?
EN was launched on the 14th of June 2017 and at the moment, we have a team of 6 dedicated staff on the platform including myself, making it a Company of 7 people.

Everybody has one or two things that got them to do a particular thing at a particular time; can you tell us how you first got into blogging?
Just as I said before, I came into blogging in 2015 after I had a heavy business failure in GT Labels and GT Farms, So I friend motivated me into starting a blog having to see the level of frustration I faced back then.

You are said to be one of the Top SEO experts in Nigeria, in this case, we consider you have enough organic traffic on your blog. Because of this; we would like to ask: do you conduct any analysis for your audience to know where they are coming from? If you do, can you please tell us where the majority of your audience are coming from?
Waoow! Blushing already, “One of the Top SEO Expert In Nigeria”
I spend about 10-20% of my Blogging time Studying my audience. At EN, my target audience is Nigeria, other countries are added advantage from Search engines.

There’s no doubt you are absolutely a great blogger in SEO; can you tell us the secrets you use to optimize both your own and clients website for search engines friendliness?
On this, writing the whole strategy I use here will end up making this and E-book, so, I will hint them out. Below are my top SEO secrets.

  1. Perfect domain with perfect targeting
  2. Knowing the difference between an Authority domain and a niched Domain (Example: EN and Gist Insider is proposed to be authority, while Techliet is niched)
  3. Impatient people can’t do SEO
  4. Keyword research and optimizations
  5. White hat link building scheme
  6. Good content creation and promotion strategy
  7. And Social presence.

Regarding SEO, it is important to consider tracking of result and performance of campaigns, can you tell us the best SEO tools you use to optimize and track your works on SEO?
When it comes to tracking my results, I use the following tools

  • Google search Console – free
  • Ahref – Premium
  • Semrush – Premium
  • SpyFu – Premium
  • SEO Moz – Free version
  • Broken link checker – Free
  • Grammarly – Free version
  • SEO Quake – Free
  • And others

Many times when we read contents on SEO, they focus mostly on keyword research if you must have a better ranking. Can you tell us how you do Keyword Research on your blogs for them to rank well on SERPs?
This one again, I will hint point out the important things in keyword research. Not the following

  • Keyword density
  • Long tail keywords
  • LSI semantics

Nowadays, regarding the high rate of competition on a competitive niche of blogging, it’s hard to receive tons of traffics from Search Engines. Because of this, we are becoming furious on making our contents appear on so many groups and pages on social media in order to drive massive traffics. Does this mean that Social Media also play a good role on SEO; can you tell us what role social media play on SEO? If YES!
Social signals is one out of 200 Google ranking factors and every serious blogger must take it seriously. The activities on your social profiles and brand mentions on social media tells Google “HEY GOOGLE, PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS BRAND”
MY TIP: Notice how I mention ENTREPRENEUR NIGERIA on most of my posts on Facebook.

On your Facebook post and updates, they seem to be receiving so many likes and comments. At least this is a proof that you have a good audience on social media. Can you please tell us how you managed to create audience trust and what way are they of important to your SEO career?
Still, boils down to the hint I gave above about mentioning my Facebook pages in my updates.
When it comes to Quora, I know how to play the game there and I’ve thought few guys the secret, meanwhile, it also demands time and attention just like blogging.
People go to people they can learn from, Judging from My Facebook post and updates, you will notice I’m a very real guy and that’s one of the ways I earn the trust I have so far.

I don’t advise people on a program or scheme I’ve not tried. In fact, I started entrepreneur Nigeria in preparation for a course I want to package, in that course, I will teach the step by step process I use to rank all my sites for all my Keywords.
That was why I chose entrepreneur Nigeria as my keyword. It’s a very competitive one.

As of June when I launched the site, it was never ranking for the keyword “Entrepreneur Nigeria” But right now, it currently sitting comfortably in Google Page 2 and 3 or some browsers. Check it again the next 60 days, you will see it on Page one, and by the end of 2018, should be a featured snippet for the keyword “Entrepreneur Nigeria”
I’m the one mentoring Prosperity Kenneth and you can see him waxing strong in the SEO game on CyberGeak, that’s why I have targeted audience on Facebook.

What will you say about un-targeted audience?
Untargeted audience is like Social traffic on Adsense sites, the conversion is always poor when compared to search traffic. The reason is simple; Search traffic is ready to click and buy – targeted
Social traffic will need to make a decision first and if they click your ads, they will bounce out giving you invalid clicks on Adsense which can lead to banning – that the pitch example I can use to explain this one.

On your blog, we always read lots of SEO and Tech related posts that looks relevant and covers a wide range of topics. Can you please tell us how you get ideas for writing new posts on your blogs?
Because I have blogs that cover almost every topic, I write depending on my mood. When I’m inspired, I write motivation and all that.

Another way I get topic ideas is if I come across a keyword with high search volume, looking at Google trends, posts by big brands, Questions on Quora, related search terms, and Facebook updates. These are my major source of blog topic ideas.

It is discovered that having returning visitors on your blog is a good development for your blog even as an SEO expert. Can you tell us the secret of establishing a long lasting and stable relationship with your audience?
The answer to this is QUALITY! VALUE!! AND MORE Value!!!
You can’t come to EN and read an article about entrepreneurs being the laziest people and won’t come back to read about how I became a millionaire even as a very lazy entrepreneur. Value is the only thing that will make people come back to your blog because they need more of it to become better people.

What do you consider to be the most serious challenges for the blogger or SEO expert? What challenges have marked you in the beginning of your career and what are the ones you are currently facing?


As a blogger, building do-follow backlinks or generally backlinks is very important to your blogging career, and here you are being interviewed as an SEO expert. Can you tell us the best link building strategies you do use to improve your works on SERPs?
At the initial stage, you need profile backlinks, social bookmarking links, comment link to get you started, but as you grow, you will begin to get mention backlinks which are the best.
So in general, I practice gray hat SEO, then Move to the White hat.

What was the most challenging moment of your life in the industry and how did you manage yourself?
The times of GTPEDIA was the most challenging time, where I had to quit my job to work day and write on the blog for one year without making a single $$$ from the blog. Had to discuss my plans of quitting the blogging thing with a friend, who later encouraged me to try again with a fresh domain and behold, The birth of Techliet. It became successful and I started making million monthly from it, and later, the blog failed, after Google Penalty hit the blog November last year, I have to start all over again while I wait for it to recover.

What do you find as the most frustrating aspect of blogging in your blogging career so far?
Not making money from something I’m investing all my energy on for a long time. I finally got to become a wizard; right now, I don’t know the difference between day and night and can’t wait to start sleeping well again.

You recently made an update on Facebook regarding your SEO growth and Alexa ranking with one of your blog. That means you got lots of traffic on your blog. Can you tell us the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
Long tail Keyword strategy is my trick, I can rank for so many search terms with one article I write. Just like this interview, my responses are all SEO optimised.
So, if you are reading this Interview for SEO reasons, go back and study the structure of this SEO interview again, you will get something from the SEO view and not just being inspired.

As a blogger in a high niche like SEO, it is very important to take into an account every good blogger around the industry that inspires you. Do you have any blogger who inspires you the most? Can you mention them, tell us why and share their blogs with us?
I’m really sorry to say No Nigerian SEO blogger inspires me except Prosperity Kenneth who is my ward and for his age. Meanwhile, I look up to guys like;

  • Neil,, and
  • Rand Fishkin – Moz Blog
  • Darren Rowse –
  • Brain Dean –
  • Jon Morrow – the unstoppable of
  • Jon Chow
  • Chris Lee
  • Vyper chill
  • Pat Flyn of
  • Harsh Agrawal of and
  • Amit Agrawal of Digital Inspiration at
  • Others are marketers and trust me, they are all bombs

Every good and successful business man always sees today as the minimum strength he has. Because of this, they always see opportunities for tomorrow. Can you tell us how you wish to improve yourself in the nearest feature?
In the nearest future? Hmm. I seriously can’t wait to grab the title of the richest laziest entrepreneur in the world. I’m lazy and I like making lazy money. So, at the moment, I’m planning on creating a lazy company where lazy people will buy my product and make money lazying around.

Yes before I forget Chrisent, you are an SEO expert, but recently on the 12th of July, you stated in a Facebook post that got over 68 comments and 63 likes that SEO is for broke bloggers while ads campaigns are for rich bloggers. This statement sounds confusing to have come from an SEO expert, can you say a word more about this?
Yea, and it’s true. Here is the backup of the claim that SEO is for Broke bloggers on EN. Few points
Anyone who doesn’t have money to run Ads for traffic can only settle for SEO and wait for results, but if you have money, you will definitely buy Premium SEO and Ads, hence such person isn’t a broke blogger.

Different people have different reasons for becoming bloggers. Some are part timers just like me, but some are full-time bloggers and at the same time some are professional bloggers while others go with passion only to blog. Now in your case, how do you relate to this?
If that’s the case, then, I’m also a part time blogger because I have bigger plans but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving blogging. I’m definitely not. At the end of the whole thing, it boils down to making money, that’s the best motivation one can get as a blogger.

Many think blogging is a get rich quick scheme or something completely different and would want to go into blogging or probably might have read articles on how to make money online through blogging. Would you encourage them to go into blogging, why and what niche is best profitable?
If you are coming into blogging to make money overnight, then I’m sorry to say “you are in the wrong place” those days when people make money overnight from blogging is long gone. It’s now a full stack business and people are investing million into it, so you can’t come to blogging now without capital and expect overnight results. My dear, you must wait patiently for the result which is dependent on the effort you put in.

How would you want me to rate your blog relating to SEO as an interviewer?
I can’t tell about the rating but if I’m to rate the blog against its current competitors, I will score myself less than 10/100 because Authority niche is hard to play. But then, I will give myself with a good record if I begin to compare the age… EN is less than 3 months old right at the moment. While it’s just 1-month-old since work commenced on Gist Insider.

How would you rate this interview?
Excellent! Important points were covered. My pleasure being here today.

Thanks, Mr. Chrisent for being here with us today and we and on behalf of the entire fans of appreciate your time and cooperation to publish this review. Ones again thank you!


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