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Hub8 Review? Do you know you can host your dream website on for free without paying a dime for this domain registration and hosting service provider, HUB8?

After analyzing all these domain registration companies and hosting providers. It has come to my notice that have grown and taken the lead in Nigeria within this short time.

The UK based company which previously have no business with Nigeria have seen the opportunities in establishing their business in our beloved country.

At this time they didn’t just come to make money in Nigeria. On like other web hosting and domain registrars I have met in Nigeria (DomainKingNG) and the rest you buy a domain at a higher rate than hub 8 and hosting at your own expenses. Whereas, with you are getting a domain at a cheap rate and free hosting for life.

Hub8 NG offer free web hosting for starters except you have the need to make vast your business.

Do you plan to start a small business website or blog? Are you considering the cost of web hosting and not able to afford that? Then, Hub8 NG is here.

They are a growth partner indeed with services, fast and reliable.

Ones in a while good things do come to Nigeria.

Hub8 Nigeria is one good thing that has happened to Nigerians.

“Considering the amount of money that was spent on the internet as released by a press. Recent data released by Nigeria Interbank Settlement System states that about 5.5 million transactions worth about N46.7 billion were carried out through online sales in the first quarter of 2017 only.

This probably explains the influx of tech companies into the Nigeria technology sector in recent times.”

Brief History of Hub8 web hosting and domain registration company

Hub8 is a UK  based web hosting company with company extension to over 6 continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America etc. Their primary domain is at and has sub domain in all the countries that they are currently established.

They recently launched into Nigeria sometime in 2017 and really fast growing.

With the look of things now regarding the future, chances are that Hub8 is going to be the top leading domain registration and hosting providers in the world.

Chances are that they offer domains even in a local extension like which is currently not available in Nigeria but they promise to bring that feature soon.

Key Features of NG.HUB8.COM

1) Cheap Domain Registration

hub8 review

This is one feature that draws my attention. You get as cheap as N3000 for a top level domain like etc.

Even a top leading domain registrar now in Nigeria charges more than that.

2) Free Web Hosting Powered by cPanel


An amazing feature that makes Hub8 a completely different web hosting and domain registrar in Nigeria is their ability to offer free web hosting. Which means you are only paying N3000 for your domain registration and all set to go on

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For an ordinary man who strives to start making money online through blogging, is never easy to afford the huge amount of money paying for hosting and domain thereby accessing cPanel.

cPanel is the industry standard web hosting control panel
that makes it easier for you to administer your website.

You can Start a blog now and select from this WP themes for free in three different steps.

3) Easy Payment Gateway

Many Domain registrars and hosting providers offer payment through PayPal and other foreign Gateways. But Hub8 in order to make it easier for users, they enable payment with MasterCard, Visa and Verve Card without extra charges.

As we all know that PayPal is currently disabled for Nigerians and Indians but with payment made easy by HUB8 you can pay for your domain registration and renewal online with any local card.

4) Free 100GB Bandwidth and 500 Disk Space for a single website

Hub8 offer woofing 100GB free Bandwidth and 500 disk space for a single website. Huh! Are you kidding me?

No, am not. You get it completely free while other hosting providers in Nigeria offer 10GB bandwidth for N600/month.

5) 24/7   Customer Support

I suppose since it’s a free hosting there are less free in providing customer support to their clients, but I was all wrong. They offer complete customer service to their clients to check and attend to all challenges clients may be facing.

6) One click installation of apps through softa-Cous

They support the fastest installation of popular apps to access your website like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP etc.

7) Reliable Team build on local location

Hub8 like every other online company is a UK based company with an extension in Nigeria and other countries around the globe.

They don’t just feel like controlling the affairs of their company sitting in the UK but discovered the needs to establish a team in local locations where their services are been established.

With this, your queries will be attended to on time without an excuse of too much load on them.

8) Fast and Reliable

They are very consistent in providing the fastest service. You can even play around your cPanel without difficult load time. They offer completely super fast service.

9) Free Domain Transfer from other Registrars

Huh! Our dear Hub8 for Nigerians is absolutely good in this field; providing you quick and free service in transferring your domain from other registrars to their own name servers for free in 2 different steps.

a) Order Hub8 Hosting – b) Send Details of the previous hosting to their technical support team and wait for as few as 10-24 hours for it to be integrated with their server at no extra costs.

10) Free Website Builder + Hosting

Choose from 200+ free templates and design your website with an ordinary drag and drop features in different categories and industries.

Before you leave your comment please do take time to explore their domains zones and extensions, then sign up for your own account at

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  1. Hello sir, would it be right if i buy my domain name and also allow them host my site for free, because i have read on google that its not really good for you to have your domain name and hosting from the same server, please is it true

  2. Free is always a risk.
    suppose you are building a website to work in a long time.but at this time, if the free hosting provider’s company are closed their service!!Then what will be the way??
    so I suggested everybody as a web expert buy a paid hosting even after spending a little.for example:
    you can buy a paid Hosting from Host4coder in a very little rate.from there you can get 50GB hosting & unlimited bandwidth in only $ 21.06/year

  3. Did you mention N3000 as cheap domain name fee? How about getting a domain name for $1-$3? Yes, I do get that often time. I see as trickstars. They know what thay are doing.

    I have also taken the time to comment on Hub8’s lack of coupon codes, non-scalability and non-flexibility of hosting plans, costly domains and hosting renewals, non standard OS etc. Simply hit the link below to get the full juice, before you enter One-chance with Hub8.

    1. Hi Ekemini, thanks for your comment at this time but I will disagree and argue with you on this matter. No matter what happen Hub8 have still tried their best. I checked your recent post and it was all not a genuine review at all comparing WhogoHost and Hub 8. But no matter what they are still trying. Is never easy to run such company and still offer free hosting. Guest you understand where am coming from. I left a comment on your post and I pointed out my views hope you understand.

      Thanks much for coming and sharing your opinion.

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