How to Withdraw Mavros 2016 in MMM Nigeria

Are you a participant of MMM? Do you know that now you can actually withdraw all your Marvros for 2016 and 2017 right inside your MMM dashboard?

Yes, you can withdraw and take back your lost glory for 2016 right now in 2017.

Your money cannot be gone like that forever. You’ve got some use for it after this strong recession in Nigeria.

MMM Nigeria is more than happy to unfrozen all your old Mavros which is known as Mavro 2016.

Have you wondered how?

You don’t need to… right here you are going to learn how to withdraw your Mavros 2016.

A reader like you once ask me on Facebook as I was promoting my MMM affiliate link; are you an MMM participant? I said yes sir I am!

She asks me again how much did you provide help before MMM frozen your account?

I was very angry to even remember that because I run two MMM account which was all frozen.

I close my eye and said to him that my first account I had 269k right inside and she said mine is small, then I wondered how he is feeling if 269k could be small as compared to his own money.

Afterward, I advise him how to get his money. Here is the complete guide.

Now, let’s start.

NB. Please note that you are going to be receiving your old mavros by percentage of your 2017 provide help amount.

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Step by Step guide how to withdraw your old Mavro 2016 in MMM Nigeria.

#Step 1: Login to your MMM Dashboard

#Step 2: Provide help

#Step 3: Wait to be matched with who to pay to usually maximum of 15-19 days.

#Step 4: Wait for 30 days for your Mavro to be unfrozen

#Step 5: Request to get help

#Step 6: Select Mavro 2016 + current Mavro.

That’s it, you’ve successfully got your MMM 2016 Mavro’s help.

MMM is really changing lives.

If you haven’t registered an account yet try to register here

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Disclaimer: My tutorial do not guarantee you getting all your Mavros earnings at once but a percentage base release of your old Mavro 2016.

You are only receiving 10% of your actual provide help amount.


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