How to become a pro Affiliate Marketer and Increase Monthly Revenue with this 109 blogs

You might be asking yourself how to start affiliate marketing with or without a website.

I did the same thing when I was starting this blog long ago.

Affiliate marketing has grown massively and has become a must do for every entrepreneurs and websites owner.

Experts have tried to write engaging articles on how to start affiliate marketing and increase revenue yet on a daily basis more other experts figure out most engaging tutorials.

Most of them host conferences and seminars with the aim of inculcating affiliate marketing skills in new affiliate marketers.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Affiliate Marketing and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

What is affiliate Marketing?Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way by which a retailer promotes online products which in turns accure commission on sales generated by the promoter.>>>This is it (You see a product you like, promote it, make sales….Get your rewards otherwise known as commission)

Things to consider when starting affiliate marketing

Only recommend products that you are extremely very familiar with> Preferably products that you’ve used before and have seen different impact on them.

That’s how to start affiliate marketing.

Don’t force your customers to buy a product they aren’t interested of, only recommend them to the one that you’ve had personal experience with.

Earning affiliate revenue is considered the best way of making money online most especially when you own a profitable niche blog. This, however, is difficult for sluggish bloggers but stand’s strong for professional bloggers.

What is Affiliate Link

This is a link unique to every affiliate promoter which tells the host advertiser that, a particular sale came from you.

What is Affiliate Commission

This is use to refer to the amount of money directed or paid to you for selling a particular product or it may be a revenue share given to you by the host advertiser for a click or traffic sent to the host landing page.

What is an Affiliate Network?

This is an intermediate between affiliates (publishers) and advertisers. This allows publishers to easily find and participate in affiliate programs that suit their interest for their inventory. This helps them (publishers) to generate income from the said affiliate programs.

This is also a place that allows advertisers to promote their affiliate programs to all meet their desired large audience.

What is Conversion Rate?

This is the percentage of clicks that converted or turned to lead or sales. For example, if one in every hundred visitors to your site makes a purchase, then your conversion rate is 1%.

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Alexis Grant

This blog is own by Alexis Grant, the Problogger, entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, with a focus on careers and the workplace. She run’s an editorial team for Taylor Media.

When ever we talk about How to start affiliate marketing and increasing revenue (sales) Alexis Grant most be one of the listed blog. This is because her website/blogs have help great entrepreneurs and online marketers to set and establish online stores and business around the world.

Her write ups regarding how to start affiliate marketing is really a stop to read which will leverage your sales and convert your affiliate programs.

She isn’t just a writer but a teacher who believes in possibility of Search Engine Presence and Conversions.

Take advantage of the AlexisGrant


Entrepreneur as seen on other popular website/blogs including is a popular money making website that shares the inside on making money online.

You can stumble upon 100+ articles on how to start affiliate marketing on

3) LifeWire.comLifeWire

LifeWire is a tech blog and how tos where you can learn tutorials and ways to make money with your blog/website for free.

It’s one of its kind that helps my personal website to earn my first affiliate commission with web hosting affiliate.


Neil Patel

From “aha” to “oh shit”

Neil Patel is one of the top USA online/digital Marketer. He organize webinars and seminars around the globes helping people grow their revenues.

He has in time past help popular sites like, GM, Forbes, Facebook, Yahoo etc.

He has also been recommended by the above mentioned companies as best traffic guru and conversion expert.

He has been tested and proven. One common thing about Neil is that he never look down on anyone regardless your business level.

He takes everyone as important and will always want to answer your questions.

Over two years + now Neil remains the first person on google first page for “ONLINE MARKETING”  keyword.

Neil Patel Online Marketing

Neil Patel don’t make noise, he only deliver.


Quicksprout by neil patel

This is another brain stumming blog by Neil Patel again that gives you 101% information on starting a successful niche on affiliate marketing.

I don’t need to say much on this we already know who Neil Patel is.

He’s the same man behind quicksprout.



As seen on This is a blog that recommends 102% best affiliate marketing programs to monetize your sites with.

It has been tested and proven. I don’t need to talk more on this.


Location Rebel is a newbie answers webpage with 100% unique post on making money online with affiliate marketing.


This is another Unique blog post to get started to affiliate marketing.

It gives you 7 Unique steps how to start affiliate marketing with breakdowns.


Just like the name of this web page implies affiliatebible, it gives you all the 25 necessary ways on how to start affiliate marketing without stress.

how to start affiliate marketing is a topic trending on search engines. Many people will generate their first sales on affiliate marketing programs through this post from affiliate bible.


With this post from freedomwithaffiliatemarketing you can learn completely #11 actionable taking steps to become an affiliate marketer.


Here you learn where to start and how to start affiliate marketing.


having learn how to start affiliate marketing from Various sites/blogs here is a guide how the life of a full time and part time affiliates looks like.

This will show you and teach you how to behave after successfully learning affiliate marketing.


This blog is owned by Ammar, he focuses mainly on affiliate reviews.

This very article am sharing with you has over 149 comments and more awaiting moderation.

The blog has helped many according to their comments testimonies.


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