How to be happy Blogging

Being Happy Blogging isn’t being rich. Blogging is all about uploading online content to satisfy audience search queries. A blogger uploading a content on his or her blog definitely wants people to come reading or viewing the contents otherwise it becomes absolutely useless.

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Many bloggers aren’t happy when they start blogging. Do you know the cost of this illness? Well, many people don’t know that blogging is a personal motivation and goal digging possession of character not a GRQ. GRQ is get rich quick.

As a blogger one of the biggest challenge is being unhappy with yourself or your blog performance. You may start a blog with a  particular reason which may differ from the other.

Do you know why most of these category of people aren’t happy at all with their passion?

I guess you didn’t make any mistake reading this post. But first think about yourself, take a deep breath, ask yourself, Keep on asking yourself the same question and fine out what your answers are then we can answer that same question here.

Have you noticed what makes you feel bad with your blogging career? If you haven’t then ask yourself again.

I am writing this very post because sometime ago in 2015 when I discovered blogging, I had divers feelings especially when I used my money to buy a domain. I thought I was investing the money in a kind of MLM scheme that’s going to give me huge ROI (return on investment) but when I finally noticed that it never works like that I started feeling sick and tired of the whole thing. Although the passion was there, but right inside of me I new am up for something (An achievement of my passion) I thought I have lost the money.

Now that you’ve known what makes me to be unhappy with my blogging life I think it should have given you a clue or a link to what makes many bloggers to be unhappy with their blogging lives.

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What makes Bloggers to be unhappy with themselves or blogs?

  • Lack of passion: Many bloggers went into the blogosphere because maybe they saw a friend doing it and they thought it was an easy task so they can do it. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. Do you know how this category of peoples behave? They wants to have Google Adsense on the very first day they opened their blogs. They wants to start seeing money growing like flowers on their websites.
  • Lack of knowledge: even God words says that my people perish due to lack of knowledge, 😂. Yes, you didn’t have the knowledge of what content creation and website management is. Before you start blogging you need to learn and know what you are about to go into. With this you will be able to prepare your mind for  challenges ahead.
  • Lack of preparation: just like we’ve outline on the previous point your need to be prepared for the journey ahead; before starting a blog many people don’t prepare their minds.

How to be Happy Blogging

If you really wants to be happy blogging you need to implement these rules.

  • Go with passion
  • Don’t jealous your fellow bloggers
  • Avoid thinking about getting rich through blogging. I will emphasise on this; why you are not happy blogging is probably certain that when you started, you thought you could get rich quick by bogging, you never new blogging is not ponzi scheme where you can earn more interest.

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  • See blogging as a free and willing service to the world: here you need to note that the information you provide on the internet may serve as a lifetime lesson to the world and you aren’t getting paid for doing this. If you can realise this, I tell you the truth, you won’t sleep without updating your blog.
  • Don’t be too hasty: sometime in life everything happen at its own time. Don’t start today and expect to be in the same place with he who started years back.
  • Forget about the money first: Is true you need to make money online especially with your blog, but if you must be happy blogging and enjoy, then you must forget about the money.
  • Set blogging Goal for yourself
  • Read large from top influencers
  • Pay attention to what you Read 
  • Practice what you Read

The above are some of those things I practiced back then that kept me happy when I started blogging.

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This is my own opinion and it is for educational purposes. Please don’t take it personal. If you have opinion, objection or questions please let’s hear from you through the comment box.


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