How to Avoid Distracting Websites for Mac?

Just like we heard so many people complaining already how iPhone x won’t turn on or charge we still going to look at how one can avoid distracting websites on Mac when on important projects.

The benefits of social networking websites are evident. Except for providing you with a variety of benefits, they can also take you off from work. You can’t focus on your projects because your friends, colleagues or business partners want to have you online.

If you are familiar with this situation, it is high time to take measures in order to solve this issue. Modern self-control applications can help you address this concerning challenge. Their primary target is to block all these distracting sites and help you concentrate on tasks with higher priority. Today, we’ll analyze the best services, allowing you to block all these distracting sites on Mac.


1. Focus

This is the simplest application which helps you get more organized. This Mac menu bar allows you to create the best work environment in one click. The main focus of this software solution is to block social networking sites or other services that make you disorganized.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit can easily be blocked on all browsers. Besides, it also provides you inspiration on a consistent basis to motivate you to keep off social networking sites. When one or another service is blocked, you’ll see a motivational quote.

\You read it and somehow it inspires you to continue working. If necessary, you can change this message according to your needs. Users can create the schedules and the Focus app will block irritating services during a working day.


2. SelfControl

This service is free for Mac users. It provides you with an opportunity to create a set of blacklisted services. You won’t be able to open these services while working. In some instances, you can’t block all websites. In this scenario, you can create a whitelist of allowed services. When you turn on SelfControl, you won’t open forbidden websites, thus you can resist the temptation and continue your work.

3. TrackTime

Track Time.jpg

If you wish to know how much time you spend online, this application will be an ideal option. It won’t block websites but it will help you make your own analysis. It helps you see how long you listen to music on iTunes, how long you browse the web, how many hours you spend in Safari or Firefox.

As a result, you’ll see a report with a multi-coloured timeline of your online activities. The application will notify you if you sit late in chats instead of doing your work. TrackTime is free for Mac users and its functionality is focused on users who don’t like blocking websites but wish to control their online activities on their own.

4. FocusWriter 

The prime objective of this software product is to create a calm environment for writing. This is a number-one tool for those whose everyday work is related to writing. FocusWriter will block absolutely all icons that don’t allow you to focus on your creative work.

This application is endowed with text editor options, allowing users to check spelling and count words. You can also set your writing goals for each day and the program will calculate the amount of time you spend at work and the number of words.

5. Concentrate

If you haven’t the foggiest idea how to focus on your regular assignments, Concentrate will help you be more self-organized. This is a powerful option for shifting between different tasks. This app offers several modes:


  • Writing
  • Social Media Control
  • Event PlanningAs a result, you’ll have an opportunity to customize your own set of options. For instance, if you need to focus on writing, the app will automatically block all distracting sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When you need to focus on social media, the app will disable other features. Users frequently call this software product as a “concentration” timer, allowing them to be more disciplined.

    If you can’t focus on your work, it doesn’t always mean that you aren’t familiar with the rules of self-discipline. Sometimes it is hard to withstand the barrage of all the different online inveiglements. If you belong to the group of this people, select your favorite application and forget about all these annoying factors.

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