Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords Updated

Google Adsense as we all know has much potential of earning (making money) from your blog with moderate or highest amount irrespective of the niche or domain with highest paying Google Adsense keywords.

Considering the high popularity of the said Google company, they are some trusted low competitive in search queries but high earning potential on some of the niches which am gonna be discussing here.

One time ago, a Quora questionnaire asks if he can squeeze in the best paying Google Adsense keywords in his entertainment niche in other for him to maximize his earnings. The big thing there isn’t only about squeezing in keywords.

Sometimes, your meta description can also be a factor of high rich keywords for Google Adsense. The Meta description for individual pages and home page may also be used as an algorithm to determine highest paying Google Adsense keywords on your blog. i.e this will be used by google bots to decide which ads are served on your blog when a visitor surf your pages.

Entertainment and relationship tend to be the lowest earning niche in Google Adsense family. This is due to its rush and a lot of publishers on this niche. Because of this Adsense bidders pay less on this.


Let’s go into details for you to understand more.

Have you wondered why you got a click from the USA and your CPC (cost per click) was as low as $0.5 and another person got a click from this same USA and was rewarded with $5 above?

Do you ever feel like you have poor SEO  or what?

No! Wait, it could be considered either by interest targeting or meta description metrics.

Interesting part coming in!

Your low CPC isn’t your fault at all, we are going to see how you can maximize your earnings today. I hope you go nowhere! 😂

Let’s see the type of niche that pays more. Browse these niches and start targeting your blog to fit into these play.

Highest paying niches for Google Adsense

  1. Mortgage
  2. Lawyer
  3. Insurance
  4. Loans
  5. Credit
  6. Hosting
  7. Claim
  8. Attorney
  9. Degree
  10. Donate
  11. Software
  12. Trading
  13. Transfer
  14. Conference Call
  15. Electricity and Gas
  16. Treatment
  17. Cord Blood
  18. Classes
  19. Recovery
  20. Rehab

The minimum cost per click for Adsense Adwords is 5 cent but any niche close to the above niches are far higher than those.

Adword can charge as high as $50 and above on these niches. If you are an advertiser consider loading up before advertising on these niches.

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The reason why these niches are paying more

These niches can’t be paying just more because they choose to pay more. Let’s see a few reasons why they actually pay higher than other niches.

The reason this niches like insurance and loans are having highest paying potentials is that they are believed to be handling a large amount of money.

Educational niche “degree” and lawyer are considered highest paying because of the growth in education and vast spending to acquire knowledge.

You can create a new blog base on these niches if you intend to make Google Adsense your primary source of blogging monetization.

The most interesting part here now!

Wait don’t exit the page yet. 😂

I hope you are going to share this post?  Okay, see here below how to actually make more money with Adsense using powerful keywords that prove to pay more. You won’t regret reading this today. I bet you will come reading this again. 😂


Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords Now

This list is compiled and shall be updated when the need arises.

You should consider writing articles squeezing in these keywords to rank and get highest paying potentials on Google Adsense.

Are you a niche blogger, affiliate marketer, educational blogger, health or politics? Then these keywords are very relevant.

Go nowhere!

  1. Mesothelioma Survival Rates
  2. structured settlement annuity companies
  3. Houston tax Auto Insurance
  4. Mesothelioma Lawyer Virginia
  5. State of California Car Insurance
  6. Personal Injury Accident Lawyer
  7. Accident Attorneys orange county
  8. diagnosed with mesothelioma
  9. state of California car insurance
  10. Cheap Domain Registration Hosting
  11. best mesothelioma lawyers
  12. motorcycle accident attorney Sacramento
  13. Donating Used Cars to Charity
  14. maritime lawyer Houston
  15. personal injury attorney Springfield mo
  16. truck accident attorney Texas
  17. Car Insurance Companies
  18. small business administration SBA
  19. car accident lawyer
  20. Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting
  21. new York law firm
  22. emergency response plan ppt
  23. mesothelioma lawyers San Diego
  24. Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona
  25. Life Insurance Co Lincoln
  26. Online Motor Insurance Quotes
  27. Massage School Dallas Texas
  28. Low Credit Line Credit Cards

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More of these highest paying Google Adsense keywords shall be updated when it’s updated.

Many Adsense gurus who have build Estates proves that these really work for them as a click on any of these Adsense keywords could give as high as $50+…

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Please if you are having any challenge or experience for gurus and newbies, share in the comments box.

Finally; if you want to make money with Google Adsense you need to work on a very informative niche that has highest paying Google Adsense keywords which will help to boost your revenue. Don’t implement the Google ads code wrongly so you don’t deprive your users their beautiful user experience.


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