Guest Blogging: Best Backlinks Building Strategy

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging has been known to be one of the various ways of getting to drive massive traffic to your blog. A lot of people disregard this actually, but to tell you the truth, it’s wrong and I can testify how much writing for other people have help my online career and how fast I have grown to become in the industry of blogging. It has taken me vastly to building authority backlinks and all sort of achievement. And you too can take advantage.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest blogging entails you posting on someone else’s blog/website which is entirely different from that of yours. This can only be done on sites offering guest blogging opportunities.

However posting on someone else’s blog which is in an entirely different niche from that of yours will not be of any benefit to you.

If you blog on an educational niche, you shouldn’t go about guest posting on an entertainment or tech niche, that’s not right, you should rather be doing that on an educational niche.

Look out for blogs in the same niche as yours that are guest posting sites, comment regularly and write something meaningful to the readers.

If done right, you would see a positive impact in your Blog

Guest blogging

Some may ask ‘ why is guest posting important? What are the advantages of guest blogging’, ‘ what effect does guest blogging on other blogs do to my site SEO?

All these questions and much more would be treated later on in this post as we move forward.

What are some of the benefits of guest blogging

Recognition and Popularity
This particular one has been tested and proven to be working. When people who have been following your Blog or website get to find out you are an author or you write for other blogs, this would make them feel you have complete knowledge in that particular Blog niche and they would always from time to time come seek your consent and visit your Blog so they could learn from you.

Also when you write for other bloggers who happen to be influential in your Blog niche, if your work is cool, they would appreciate it and share with their audience.

Trust me this would go a long way in making you an authority in that niche and drive massive traffic to your blog


Backlinks are URLs that link directly to your blog site. Your blog’s Domain Authority depends on the total number of backlinks from other trusted sites.

The more backlinks you have for your blog, the higher your chances are to rank high in major search engines keywords like Google and Alexa.

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When you guest blog on other blogs, much credits and appreciation would be given to you by the owner of the blog.

You would also be allowed to add a link to your blog below every single guest post. Prosper Noah of talks about blog posting sites to submit guest post. Go check and start writing your guest posts today.

If your post is cool and is meaningful to the site readers, they will always from time to time visit your Blog.

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So do the mathematics, if you get to do this technique on 10+ different blogs, you should be able to see a change in your traffic stats and blog earnings.

Bigger Platforms

Many of the reasons why most bloggers guest blog on other blogs is to get more followers and make sure their blog posts and knowledge base get spread to as many people as possible.

When you guest blog on other blogs, you reach out to more and more followers and your writing gets exposed for free at no cost. This is one of the reasons many guest posting companies like top influencers in their field.

Not only do you get popular for your works, you also get to add value and be useful to other people.

Builds your social media profile

Not only do you get to build quality traffic to your blog, when you guest post for other blogs, try as much as possible to link your social media accounts to the post.

If the post is a thing of beauty or it adds value to the readers, they would always like to follow you up for more of your works.

In this way, you get to have many Twitter and Facebook followers online which in turn boosts your presence on social media sites and increases your fan base.

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Builds your online influence and credibility

How influential are you in your Blog niche?

When you guest post for blogs that are bigger and older than your blog,
there is a way you get to impact and add value to those who see and read your posts.

One thing is for sure, people would always remember me for something, be it for your good or bad deeds, once you impact their lives one way or the other, you get remembered

All of the above mentioned are best for your site Seo.

Search Engines are one of the best-known ways of pulling huge traffic to your blog.

If done right, you would be able to rank high above your competitors on search engines and be able to drive quality organic traffic to your blog via Search Engines

How Do I Write A Guest Blog Post

Now before you think of submitting your guest posts to that website you have been zealous to write for;

Here are some of the guest blogging tips you should be familiar with

Guest Post on sites with high-quality traffic.

When you wish to guest blog on other blogs, go for high-quality sites.

Not all traffic is good for your Site, you wouldn’t want traffic that isn’t consistent, when guest blogging, you should go for blogs with loyal readers.

That way you would be able to get loyal and credible readers to your blog

Be Original

You can’t be asking to guest post on a blog when all you do is copy and paste articles.

No one would want to play host to a post that is 100% copied and isn’t plagiarism free

Duplicate posts could do more harm than good and affect how well you rank on SERPs

Be original, do a lot of research, write contents of your own and watch many big blog sites come asking you for guest blogs. Many guest post companies will come looking for you.

Write well, and read a lot of blog articles

Before you go submitting a guest post to other blogs, do ensure you have been writing for long and read a lot of articles on the blog

When you do so, you get familiar with the kind of posts format normally used in the site.

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Follow the guidelines

Every single Blog has its own guidelines and rules.

Some sites feature post that is lengthy and are above 1k+ words.

When going for blogs that write articles longer than 1k + words, you should try as much as possible to make your blog posts lengthy and comply with the rules.

You can be wanting to guest post on a blog that writes lengthy posts while you can’t even get to pull up an article with 600 words.
Having said a lot, you can now go ahead to guess post on a Blog

There are a lot of sites that accept guest posts.

All you need to do is find that site that is in the same niche as yours, has high potential traffic and is better than your blog in one way or the other with good influence.

Do you have any contributions to add to all that has been treated on this post?

Please leave a comment below.

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  1. OMG, this is the best guest blogging guide I have come across so far. But my problem with guest blogging is that most Bloggers are non following the guest author’s blog link. In that way the link juice won’t pass. However, getting social media influence and more people knowing your blog are still things I found rewarding in guest blogging.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Good write-up, I am regular visitor of one’s web site, maintain up the nice operate, and It’s going to be a regular visitor for a long time.

  3. Guest posting is a great strategy, when done correctly. If you’re guest posting just for backlinks, you’re missing the boat. Do it for the love of writing and sharing and for the traffic and for the backlink and about a million other great reasons and you’ll find success.

  4. If you really want to take guest blogging to the next level – actually try to get guest post on sites that aren’t openly accepting guest posts. Any Joe can get a guest post on a site that’s openly asking for them, so when you guest post on one of those sites, you can rest assured that your post will be among posts from all those other Joes.
    Mike recently posted…5 Easy Steps to Improve Google Maps RankingMy Profile

  5. You have some really good posts and I feel I would be a good asset. I’d love to write some material for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please shoot me an email if interested. Thank you!

  6. wow thank you sir from today i am going to start guest posts and always follow your blog. I have also a blog but i struggle to get traffic it’s my first time in this filed i hope i will also get succeed like you. please also help me to better my site, tell me more to improve my site again thank you for such a nice article.

  7. I am really impress with your blog so 3 words for your website, unique information, good selection of topic and quality.

  8. Hey Buddy,

    Such an informative post you shared with us.

    Yes, I totally agree with you that guest blogging is the best backlinks building strategy.

    Guest blogging provides high-quality benefits that could take your blog to the next level. The best advantage of guest blogging benefits is that it directs traffic to your site.

    Now the quality and the amount of traffic depending on two things, your niche and the blog in which you’ve written.

    According to me, With guest blogging opportunities, you have a chance to gain far more subscribers in a day than you will ever in a month.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post.

    Anjali Desai

  9. I agree with your Guest Blogging views. Apart from the traffic generated; it will also develop our learning and keep us up-to-date of the latest. When I go to a blog wherever I’m thinking to post, it is a known truth that it does produce quality traffic, helps in link-building and backlinks, increases our learning, and we easily get to engage so many different and innovative readers those want to talk on your post. The guest blogging done properly is an excellent source for not only to build traffic but a lot of other advantages connected with it. I always get continuously with new information I can use. We’re all studying and growing as we go with all new ways including guest blogging.

    Once you begin guest blogging, it’s necessary to keep the momentum moving. I have lots of things on my mind right now with recycling, re-editing my old blog posts, but guest posting is way up at the top of the list which involves both publishing and posting guest posts. It’s interesting to understand the progress you have detected from the guest blogging. From my point of view, guest post is very beneficial for several bloggers since sometimes what happens when any blogger is working in different work then guest post prove quite effective in that days for that blogger besides that it’s too profitable for staying in touch with other bloggers.

    All the technics shows, the guest blogging encourages you to gain traffic, get in front of your readers, and increase your domain authority. Thanks for this article and allow me to express my words.

    1. Hi Barakha,
      You are so brave and friendly. thanks for all the kind words on this comment. You completely rights on guest posting. When you let it become your habits, it automatically become your second blog. Thanks for the nice addition

  10. Hi Matthew, Profitable post.I completely agree with you. I suggest that make sure you are sharing your guest posts on your own social networks as well, and track your websites’s activity as your guest post published. You might see other quick results as readers click on the links in your guest blog posts and come through to your website and blogs.

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