Google Maps Widget plugin – Review and Experts Opinion

Howdy, friend, you are a business owner (online) you sell products, you have an address (office) you probably want people to easily locate you, everything about your business is mostly online? Cute, your chances of easy access has been provided.

I have a plugin surprise for you. This will help you to easily integrate Google Maps Widget in any area of your WordPress blog without any coding.

You can configure Google Maps Widget on your site and I will tell you how to do that.

Okay tell me,

How can I get Google Maps Widget on my site (Business/Personal)?

Google Maps Widget is a popular plugin by Webfactoryltd.

It has over 100,000 happy users. The free trial allows you to test the plugin for 7 days free. Note: No credit card, PayPal or any payment required. You are only asked to provide your email address to receive a license key.

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Key Description of the Google Maps Widget plugin

GMW is a WordPress plugin. It helps you to easily and smartly integrate Google Maps Widget with thumbnail and lightbox into any of your WordPress pages without coding. You can either place the map on your sidebar, inpost or pages.

No more time for struggling to set up Google Maps Widget to display your address.

General widget options for Google Maps Widget

  • Title
  • Address
  • Thumbnail map options
  • Map size – width & height
    Map type – road, satellite, terrain & hybrid
  • Map color scheme – default, refreshed, ultra light + 11 extra in PRO
  • Zoom level
  • Pin type
  • Pin color
  • Pin size
  • Pin label
  • Custom pin icon – any image can be used 1500+ pins library in PRO
  • Link type – lightbox, custom URL, replace thumbnail with interactive map (PRO), immediately show interactive map (PRO) or disable link
  • Image format
  • Map language
  • Text above map
  • Text below map
  • Interactive map options
  • lightbox size – width & height (auto-adjusted on smaller screens) or fullscreen
    map mode – place + in PRO: directions, search, view & street view map type – road & satellite
    zoom level
    lightbox skin – light, dark + 20 extra in PRO
    lightbox features – close on overlay click, close on esc key, close button & show map title
    map language
  • header text
  • footer text
  • Shortcode by using the [gmw id=”#”] shortcode you can display the map in any page, post, or custom post type (PRO feature)
    Multiple Pins

This plugin is one of the fastest for WordPress, it generates a thumbnail which makes it much faster than other plugins. By generating a thumbnail image, the plugin doesn’t have to load an interactive map until users decide to open one. That saves bandwidth and speeds up the site that uses Google Maps.

Now it’s easier to set Google Maps Widget on your website.

Google Maps Widget PRO Price Review

PRO unlimited Agency Plan

Cost – $99/Lifetime payment


  • Support unconditional
  • Automatic update of all upcoming and present PRO features
  • High level of USA base email support
  • Multiple websites (Good for web designing companies to easily integrate Google Maps Widget on clients websites)

PRO Unlimited Personal

Cost – $29/liftime upgrade


  • Unlimited personal sites
  • Pro customer support
  • USA Pro email support

PRO Personal

Cost – $15/yr

This plan allow only one site with a yearly subscription of $15/yr.

Matthew, which plan do you recommend for me? 

Wow! Are you still asking me, buddy?

Well I recommend you go for the Personal unlimited Pro. This plan is the best.

Go for it if you are using it for your business alone.

For web designers and developers, I recommend you go for Pro unlimited agency. With this plan, you will be able to integrate Google Maps Widget on pages of clients websites for free.



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