GetResponse Review: Best Email Marketing Service Providers +Free $5?

Get Response Email Marketing is a popular email list management software that guarantees good and constant results at its pick. It’s a top ten email marketing software in the market after many years of good and trusted customer service.

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For every serious internet marketer or entrepreneur who looks up to success with his or her business, there’s an opportunity to grow their marketing asset by building a targeted email list which will enable them to sell their products.

I wanted to go into internet marketing the advanced way. I realise I call myself internet marketer all this while, meanwhile am just an ordinary blogger. What helps me is what am going to share with you here. And my success story how I started the conversion with my email marketing, and how I started making little bucks from affiliate marketing using an email list.

Ever think of what every company will consider before placing adverts on a blog page or considering sponsorship? The thoughts are unforeseen by many bloggers and internet marketers, but the truth is sceptical. And in a scenario where you have to understand this, your efforts will become determine.

I promise I was going to show you what I have learned and how I started seeing conversion after putting what I learned into practice.

What am Going to explain here:

  1. Why you need an email list
  2. Get Response Advantages and Disadvantage
  3. My Success Story on Email Marketing as a beginner
  4. How to set Land Pages using Get Response
  5. How to Import Emails from any email list to get response
  6. How to capture 4000 Emails in the next 4 months of blogging/marketing
  7. How to win free $10 or $5 to purchase Get Response Products.

In a row, GR is the best among the top ten email marketing software in the whole world. The comparison ranging from Email automation, autoresponder, list building, landing pages and other great futures you can ever expect from email marketing software makes them very exceptional from others.

This is the best opportunity for you to buy email hosting and start growing your email database. Because at the end of this article am going to share with you some $ to buy a plan of your choice.

I reserve some interesting information here for the best reader. The reason I could not reveal this in the beginning of the content is that I want the best and focus reader to benefit so I reserve the “how to receive a $5 or $10 from get response”.

Reasons Why you need an Email List

Many people always ask this question especially when they are just starting in internet marketing business and blogging as well. Yes, you may have access to communicate with your potential clients and or audience directly on your blog. But don’t forget that it’s not only your blog that these persons are reading and they are likely to forget your URL.

How about a case where you offer a $5 gig on Fiverr, you receive tons of orders daily and within a short while, you got a competitor on that same gig who is beating really fast and your customers are likely to go for him instead of you? Well, we all know that some customers in Fiverr can order one gig more than 10 times. And when this happens, you should understand the big loss.

When this happens, your ability to collect their email database for future use will make you a stand out for that gig. Because believe it or not, they will forget you one day. If this occurs, you can remind them about yourself using the emails you retrieve from them about your gig and new updates.

The reasons why you need an email list

  1. Email subscribers are potential buyers
  2. They convert more than a paid adverts
  3. You have full control of your list
  4. Best way to keep in touch with new and returning customers on autopilot

My Success Story on Email Marketing

Because I want to keep this content short enough, I won’t go into all details about my success story on internet marketing, but am going to keep on the basis of best information.

I always think am an internet marketer already. I go for the free email marketing software. One thing I learned from Ryan Biddulph is taking actions on everything I find important about my career. This tips really helped me. Now fast-forward to Precious Ng, a global internet marketer in Nigeria who decides to share his secrets with subscribers. I appreciate that day I opted in for his email list.

The day he talked on “why businesses fail within a short period of time after startup”, I grabbed a lot of information which I will share with you as you continue reading. The most emphasised point was lack of asset.

Yes, an asset in this scenario as he explained simply refers to a number of marketing resources you’ve got for that business project. This includes but not limited to; email list, landing pages, and the value that product is adding to the consumers.

I was totally immense with my grievance and decided to look for a solution, then I have to go faster than I expected. Therefore, I will be reviewing GetResponse and why you need it.

My GetResponse Review and How you can get free $5 or $10 to buy a one month package

Get Response is the best among its competitors with thousands of happy customers.

Recently, I chatted with one of the customer service representatives at GR and I was amazed to realise that the free version of the email list can accommodate even exactly as the paid version. This awakens me to quickly sign up for their free version to test their landing page which was one of my main targets. Happily, her response where so fast then after my free trial, I couldn’t have the money I expected to buy the paid version. Note; they are other Free email marketing service like Sendpulse and MailChimp that offers a free version too but have no advanced features like landing pages, webinars and even their paid version do not have landing pages. What’s good and professional about internet marketers is their ability to sell a particular product without distracting the audience. In this case, you will definitely need a landing page and a separate email list for each project in order to have a targeted audience for the product.

See example of landing page below

This is a typical example of how a landing page looks like. And internet marketers will call it a sale page. Here you can display your infographics, product marketing, and other similar stuff. Note that your target is Emails>>>Sales>>>Appreciation.

Key Features of GetResponse com

  • Getresponse Pricing
  • Help to Boost your link: with one click you can import contacts from Yahoo mail, Gmail, Magento, Salesforce and Highrise which will help you grow your list from existing clients.
  • Fast and Advanced Segmentation
  • Artificial Intelligence: Provide detail reporting on daily activities like automated report delivery, autoresponder statistic, social sharing, bounce rate and unsubscribers
  • Split A/B testing
  • API developer program
  • Free online surveys: to enable you to gather much information from your audience
  • Responsive email design
  • Multimedia Center: create audio and video files
  • Landing page creator, see example below

The above landing page is called a sale page. In this landing page, you only have one target plan. Either to capture email addresses or to sell a particular product. Note that product can also be a free product.

Watch Video from Get Response


GetResponse Email Marketing Service Advantage

As a premium company of email management system, GetResponse still offers 30 days free trial to enable you run  test the service how it looks and their benefits. You can have the free trial here (af link).

This makes them very exceptional and super in the system. In some cases where I made a split test on most of the email marketing software, I realise before they could offer you the free trial, you must have entered your credit card details and it will be pending debit. But get response make it free for life in 1 month.

So what and where’s the free gift you promise?

Alright, guys, the long awaiting part is here.

It’s gonna be a deal between me and you. But before that, let’s review getresponse pricing.

GetResponse Pricing

Usually, a landing page management can charge as high as $300/m for setting up a landing page for you. But with all the features we listed before, you can buy a package that will accommodate 1000 email subscribers which is a good start for small businesses for as low as $15. Now, this is where our freebies are coming in.

 Monthly subscription and benefits.

When you subscribe for monthly, there’s no discount for you, but you can still benefit from our promo at reviewnet.

But there is more benefit in PRO pack the email pack. This is basically because it can be managed by 3 users controlling different list. You can also save 18% by paying yearly or 30% by paying 2 years. That will be a huge saving on this.


How to get the Free $10 or $5 to buy GetResponse package.

Now that you have read the whole story how it can benefit your business, you can now go ahead and purchase an account. I am giving free $5 to anyone who signs up using my referral link and actually buys a monthly plan from any of the plans. Not just that, am also going to give $10 free to anyone who signs up using my GetResponse referral link and actually bought any plan of a yearly subscription.

Isn’t this amaze? This way, ReviewNetGato will be helping you to pay 38% or 90% of your first month subscription.

Take advantage while this last. It will automatically stop after first 20 sign ups and also, This offer will only be valid for one month from the day of publishing this post. Take advantage. Note: Payment of freebies is via bitcoin or paypal only.

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Learn how to set landing pages with GetResponse Email Automation


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