How to get Adsense Approved within 30 Minutes

People are asking anyhow to get Google Adsense approval trick for their blogs. This is because Google Adsense is the primary way to make money from your blog/YouTube channel but the problem is the approval process.

I suppose I should have made this post an e-book and sell it for a token but am not going to do that because I want to see all my fans and readers benefit from this great blog, Review Net.

My Facebook friends have always asked me how they could get approved by Adsense with their blog otherwise call approval trick but wait, on this guide we are going to be using tips in place of trick. I hope you understand? 😂

It’s more difficult this days to get Adsense approval than making money with Adsense.

I have always visited different blogs that talk about Adsense approval but I have never seen the result that works out for me. Recently, I published a post on highest paying Google Adsense keywords Now which turns great for my readers. And now again we are going to see how we can get Adsense Approval.

I was told some time ago about owning a self-hosted blog on WordPress before I will get approved. I quickly rushed to buy a cheap hosting plan and direct my domain to work on WordPress, yet they were no quick result but it’s an added advantage though to get Adsense approved. This shows you are serious about blogging.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, it’s advised to buy yourself a self-hosting plan. I recommend using Namecheap, See Namecheap hosting review for clearification or Hostgator. See complete review on cheap web hosting comparison

It better I share this information as soon as possible to save someone trying to apply for the next Google Adsense to get approved.

Before applying for Google Adsense the below conditions must be met first irrespective of the tips we are going to apply here.

Things to do before applying for Google Adsense

1. Privacy Policy Page: this page will be use to inform your visitors for their privacy and how you are getting their information, how you use them and if you promote any product for money or anything. You can draft a privacy policy page using an automatic online privacy policy generator but endeavour to edit it not to pass plagiarism to Google. This is because many people uses this same service without editing. E.g free online privacy policy generator.

2. About Us Page: This is a page that talks about your brand and it can be drafted using your self desired knowledge.

3. Terms and conditions page: This page inform your visitors of your terms of using your website products or services. Affiliate terms and other Adsense stuff. This can also be generated automatically on by using a free online terms and conditions generator.

4. Contact Us Page: This will show how caring you are to your visitors by providing a way for them to easily contact you free. This page may either contain your brand official phone number, email address, social media handles, or a contact form.

Having got all these, is time to proceed with our tips for getting Adsense approval within few hours.

Google adsense approval

How to get any country Adsense Approved in few steps

Getting your own country approved in your country.

1. Go to

2. Fill your website URL and select English as language.

3. Fill the necessary information as appropriate.

4 wait and continue in step….6

Getting another country’s Adsense approved

It’s all the same process with the above continue in step five

5. Change country to your desired country. I used UK for instance.

This is the along waiting part that works. Am going to ask you for just a little kindness by taping on any of the below button to show your love. Share this part to your friends by either giving this article Facebook like, Twitter share or give us +1 on Google+ to unluck.


6. In the place of phone number, change to your own country and enter your own number to get code.

Fill the rest of the information appropriately.

7. Click submit application

8. Wait for like 5-10 minutes to receive confirmation of of applications

9. Go to

10. Sign in with the same email that you used to apply for Adsense recently

11. Create a youtube Channel

This is the little complicated part but don’t worry we are going to do it together.

Right here you are going to learn how to create a YouTube channel free. Continue down with step 12.


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How to create a YouTube Channel for Free

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Google account
  3. Click on your age at the right hand corner of the page
  4. Click on creator studio
  5. Click on create a new channel for your brand
  6. Enter brand name and click on create

Having created your YouTube channel, I will like to take you to where you will get the Adsense approved. Note that you will need to leave your testimony on this blog and share on your social media sites.

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Now on your channel, associate your unapproved Adsense with your YouTube channel by following these simple steps.

How to associate Google Adsense with YouTube Channel

Repeat the wholes processes with desktop

Step 1: After siging in to your YouTube Channel click on you right hand side human head as seen on the below picture.

associate youtube to google adsense

Step 2: From the picture above, click on Creator Studio to view your channel.

The rest step will be discuss down

Step 3: At the left hand side of the page; click on my channel to see the features thast you are eligible to.

Let me hear your opinion in comment section

On monetization features, click and follow the rest steps to associate your Google Adsense Account to your YouTube Channel for fast adsense approval.

Disclaimer: This post is for information purposes and do not guarantee %100. This may not be as accurate as you may think. We reserve the right to put down the post at anytime.


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