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Is Gamesdeal legit? Find out an honest review of Games deal before buying your next game. Gamesdeal is legit in terms of what they offer, how they offer and when they offer. But recently, many customers have raised negative complains online about Games deal which is somewhere untrue or somehow true. A perfect example is a review I read how Games deal debited them without sending the game they paid to download. I really think this was impossible and wasn’t true.

I have personally been using games deal to download many games for my PC. It works well. The fact that they offer cheaper and affordable game membership plans makes them outstanding.

What is Gamesdeal?

For the purpose of those that haven’t had any experience with Gamesdeal, I wish to give you a little definition of the platform and why you should trust them. is an online (cloud base) platform for digital products inclusively to PC and Video Games codes, DLC’s, Xbox Live and PSN credit and subscription codes. They also help in software licensing codes with attractive prices that will interest the buyers.

My Gamesdeal Review: Is Gamesdeal legit?

Having said that Gamesdeal is legit, I wish to add here that the only setback for this brand is their inability to reply to customers complains due to excessive customers requests.

When I got in a live chat with them a few days ago, they were able to reply me. But notwithstanding, customers are regretting why they offered to buy from them and trusting them as the only reliable source to purchase games and software licensing codes.

I will take a short walk around the net to summarize the Pros and Cons of Gamesdeal. But for now, let just accept the fact that they are few or lacking behind of customer service thereby limiting their ability to reach out swiftly to customers complains and order requests.

Gamesdeal customers complain Trustpilot

Before I placed my second order for the Playerunknown battleground (Steam Cloud Activation), I decided to survey the internet and hear what people are really saying about this mega company. You won’t believe what I saw. A lot of bad reviews were spelt out to dissuade potential buyers. But, notwithstanding, most of the reviews are so true while some are untrue. Walk around to see them below.

“I wish I had seen the previous review before I ordered. I purchased a 12 month Xbox live membership code, but have not received my code or even any kind of order confirmation. I keep trying to send in a support ticket, but the system says PLEASE WAIT every time and the ticket never seems to go through. Order number: 195100876083 The only thing I have received is a PayPal payment confirmation. No code I ordered or even an email confirmation that I ordered anything. Can’t get support centre ticket to work. It is failing to authenticate their email. Very upset.”

The above message in italics is a respond review from a customer in Trustpilot. The customer is very angry at the moment as you can see. Should that make me say Gamesdeal isn’t legit? Not at all and not at this moment.

“Is GamesDeal a legit website to buy games for PC? I’m trying to buy Total War: Attila and I saw how its also they said Please note that a VPN is required for the activation of this game. Using the VPN connection and guidance supplied by us, you can activate your product via Steam and then install/play throughout the game as normal (without VPN). Can someone explain this to me please? Can you very much”.

Above is another funny inquiry made by a customer through a Reddit post. This is even minor.

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Pros of Games deal

  • Games for all platforms (PC/Mac)
  • Console Games (Xbox Live Premium, PSN, Nintendo)
  • Cheaper Games Membership
  • Easy to sign up (here)
  • Customer Service platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Emails)

Cons of Games Deal

  • Late Reply
  • Poor Customer Service in Rare cases
  • Selling Games that require a VPN client to customers
  • Trying to trick Steam by advising to use a VPN

To reach customer service as a buyer, simply send an email to service @ gamesdeal. com.

How to sign up?

  1. Click This link Gamesdeal sign up link
  2. Fill in your details respectively
  3. You can now purchase a game from Gamesdeal

Hot Games to download on Gamesdeal

  • The Evil Within 2 (PC)
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Gamecard 60 Days for EU Accounts
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (PC)

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