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Discover how I became a big time freelancer on Fiverr making $10 above every day without having any original idea of what I offer


In Less than 5 minutes now, you will see how an ordinary blogger who spends much-running Facebook ads made a living with Freelancing. 

But Before I proceed:


Let me tell you about myself

My name is Awogor Matthew. An internet marketer, a passionate review blogger. For the past 3 years till 2016 November. I have been looking for a way to sell a service on Fiverr that will generate me income but to no avail. I publish gigs upon gigs but no orders. I mistakenly published a gig i have no idea how to do it. On a good day, I got an order, I couldn't deliver it. The buyer had to canceled the order. I feel the pain for my very first order, but I had to let go because I really don't know how to design a WordPress e-commerce website then.

Until 2016 November precisely, I discovered a secrets. Since then, I never wanted to voice out anything. I thought I was going to lost directions. But thanks to the course I bought that added a little direction to my knowledge not so much though.. I decided to share what works for me in form of a post on my blog, a free course on my blog or something else. But no!. I found out that if I should give this course for free my people will not take any action to benefit from it.

They will think I wanna collect their emails for something.
But trust me. I can build email list to any number within few days. So they will probably get it all wrong.

So what am I going to do?

I decided to sell this course for 17,500 ($50) and yet, I told myself it won't do me any good if I cannot help with what I have learned.

I talked to a closed friend who was to edit this course. I asked him how much is his suggested selling price for this course?

Wow! he replied: I think 30k ($120) will be fare because of the lifetime use of content you provided.
This content have not been provided anywhere before instead, people buy fake and deceitful courses. he added! I would advice you thread this course with all seriousness. Smile,,,,,,I laught!

I said wow. Really? and am looking at ₦17,500 ($50). Lol, he laughed at me..
He said the amount is fare enough. That'ts enough! Winkz!


Dear friends. The long awaiting first EVER course that teaches you the A-Z of how to make money with Fiverr without suffering yourself doing anything is here. Who says you too cannot sell your first gigs on Fiverr and make money just like every other person?

It's a lie! Today comes to the breaking of that barrier. You are going to start making your money online now.

Fiverr 1 + 1 formula just like the name implies is an online course that's going to help you build your own freelancing business with the help of 1 + 1 formula that works for me to deliver your jobs without any knowledge.

Still doubting me?

Let me tell you what I mean.

After completing this course of Fiverr  1 + 1 formula, you will completely learn:

   How to create Fiverr accounts that really sell

   How to find a Hot Selling Gig to sell on Fiverr

   How to Create that Gig using bestsellers weakness

   How to boost your Gig for Fiverr SEO friendliness

   How to start receiving Orders

   How to Deliver those orders without spending a single time (You won't work at all to deliver it)

   How to repeatedly receive positive Reviews from Buyers

  The secrets of selling your Gigs.

When I mean by hot-selling gigs, I mean gigs that you will have more than 4 to 20 orders in queue waiting for you to complete them. This is a huge amount of money. Don't worry, you won't need to worry. This course have got you covered how to deliver the orders on autopilot without the use of your own personal time.

Now Imagine People delivering jobs like this and see the numbers in queue

How do you see that? Now how can you compete with those tough guys that are selling high on this niche when you have no original idea how to design a common blogspot blog nor WordPress website?

That's the question that have been answered on this course and available only for the brave ones who will definitely take action.

It's high time you become a website designer for clients even when you knows nothing about coding. Believe me, you are going to enjoy the course. You will now become a smart copywriter and make more money on Fiverr than before with this simple eye opening trick. 

And you know what? You have a complete money back gurantee if after buying and you don't find anything relevant on this course. This is not like most scrapy courses I have purchased online that ran away with my money. Enjoy.......

Not Just that.

This is what you will get as a bonus offer after buying this course


PayPal Setup Guide

Complete PayPal domination ebook that will teach you how to open, manage and control a working PayPal account that receive and send funds to any country irrespective of your country. We know PayPal is very strict and due to certain conditions, few countries including Nigeria, India and some other African countries have been restricted from this service. But with my complete course, you will be able to create a working PayPal account without using any VPN or trick. This is natural. You can see my Sreenshots proof below!


All time Premium Support

 You are not only buying this course and going away. I will be completely with you until I see you succeed and giving testimonies. That's why you will have access to my personal phone number and email address to reach out to me anytime you feel lost or confused 

Now How to Receive Your Copy?

And you finally made a decision to buy it and don't know how?

Fiverr 1 + 1 formula is here to serve only the wise. Am not looking for the majority that will buy this course but am looking for few dedicated serious and business-minded types who wants to make money with Fiverr or any other freelancing site. I have been using this trick and it worked. Now is your own turn to finally dominate Fiverr and start making money online. No need running after Google Adsense begging them not to banned or disable your account. This is past tense to me. This course landing page will be shut down after 50 successful registrants and will be reopened for the next batch after when the first batch might have mastered and start making money through the help of this course. Now the choice is yours to either fall under the first or second batch. I know you probably want's to be the first batch so what next? It cost only ₦3,500 via bank transfer or $15 only via PayPal. Festive sales Price And will move permanently back to ₦10,000 via bank transfer or $50.50 only via PayPal after the countdown drop



I never got a hot selling gig on Fiverr that compel people's to do anything else than order me until I got a copy of Fiverr 1 + 1 formula from Awogor. Thanks for this course

- Bamidele Alimrany

I doubted the fact that this course could be real. I only bought it because the amount was quite affordable even though I lost it. And since I trusted Awogor Matthew over some time now, I believed his money back guarantee was genuine then I ordered the course. Am happy I made the right choice.

-  Zion Lee

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is about fiverr 1 + 1 Formula which will help you make money online through fiverr freelancing website. On this course, am going to take you by hand to another level of knowledge and idea you never expected to hear. This is an eye opener according to one of my student. Lol     

Dear, the ball is in your court. This page is only open for 50 peoples. I have 11 already enrolled as of the day I created this page and many are still paying. You can join anytime so long it's still open, because it's going to shot down after the first 50 people.

Well, here we will say, you either don't want to follow instruction or you where too lazy to follow common principles, else this course guarantee you must make the money.

Well. They is guarantee you are going to make money except otherwise you are too lazy to understand what to do or you are the type that reads and never wants to follow instructions.

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