13 Things to consider before Choosing a Blogging Niche in 2018

You’ve decided to start a new blog in 2018, you don’t know the niche you want to blog on, you have some challenges choosing a good blogging niche? Did you or will you fall into this category of people? How about you that have been into blogging for a long time and definitely don’t know the real blogging niche you are into?

Yes, I have seen so many bloggers on the run who don’t know their blogging niche. They are one of those copycats out there who don’t know the value or meaning of being unique. Focusing on a profitable niche that will convert is better than running into a trending one that will not make a single click a day.

Focusing on a profitable niche that will convert is better than running into a trending one that will not make a single click a day.

Most at times I find it heart affecting seeing my co-bloggers running into this mess. I’d rather say that they are lost sheep that needs a shepherd. And if you and I do not share what works best for us, then they’d rather remain in a lost forest.

So, what will you say?

Is not so easy to choose a blogging niche. Then what?

I started as an entertainment blogger. My story was a kinda rough and useless. I walk from one news blog to another looking for information to publish on my blog which I supposed should be new to readers.

I thought they were money and traffic blogging on entertainment. Yes, there is, but my choice was a wrong one because I had no original idea, passion or love for it. I was only after the money or traffic.


Do you know why I said it was a wrong one? Well, my story was too bad to describe everything here but the short head about it was that I never succeeded. While the niche (Entertainment) favours the gifted ones, It may not favour you too.

[bctt tweet=”Focusing on a profitable niche that will convert is better than running into a trending one that will not make a single click a day. ” username=”awogorm”]

Strive to choose the right niche that focuses on a topic that shall be discussed for a long time.

You are blogging not for yourself but for an audience. Give your best by choosing what you are good at.

Choosing the Right Blogging Niche in 2018

You have got lots to consider before choosing any blogging niche you think might be profitable.

I have been into blogging for a while. And one thing I have learned is practising what I learn. Taking action is what can make you a good blogger for life to grow your blog before 90 days.

Wow, Awogor, is that for real? And I will say yes!

#13 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Profitable Blogging Niche

Different and professional bloggers who have grown to become voices in blogging have shared lots on how to choose a profitable blogging niche. People like ProBlogger, ShoutMeLoud, Iffiokobong and so many others. It was fund browsing through their blogs. I have personally taken into account the experts opinion. It worked for me.

Now, I was led to understand the type of blogging niche to Choose from.

In 2018 most of these blogging niche will not function anymore. Running after the crowd will not save you from anything but Being a standout will do more good. There’s a lot to benefit from lifestyle blogging but due to fear of no traffic or something, many are running away.

Make your blogging foundation solid and you will rip from your labour.

So, now, what are the things to consider?

#1 Passion

The very first thing I will tell you that matters while choosing your blogging niche is passion. Where there’s passion, you go with love and ambition.

This is the first thing and a question to ask yourself and if you’re not passionate about the niche that you are choosing to blog in then that’s a very bad sign that you may not succeed.

Passion is definitely a key factor to consider before choosing a blogging niche.

If you are not passionate about the niche you want to start blogging on, you will end up running after the crowd and will also end up in the pit. Passion is also what will make your content go on the first page of Google page one for good click-through rate. Start any blogging niche either Affiliate Marketing, Consultation, Blogging or any other niche with love, passion and interest.

#2 Area of Interest

Hey! Did you hear that entertainment bloggers receive tons of traffic to their blogs? Are you sure if you go into the blogging niche you will find any interest blogging with the niche? No not sure.

A doctor will definitely be more interested in making friends with doctors. In other words, he’d rather want to share his/her knowledge about health rather than how to make money or going into entertainment.

Knowing too well that you can succeed only on things you show interest on. In 2018 a lot of things will change, blogging wouldn’t be like before anymore where a blogger can start blogging on Gadget because he thinks he/she can succeed with copy and paste. In 2018, you will need to work with interest to strive through all the stormy Gail.

[bctt tweet=”A doctor will definitely be more interested in making friends with doctors. In other words, he’d rather want to share his/her knowledge about health rather than how to make money or going into entertainment. ” username=”awogorm”]

#3 Blogging Goal

It’s required of you to consider your blogging goal before choosing a niche you want to blog. Share your knowledge by putting the future on a written note. Want to know why many goals are not been achieved? I think you should know about the importance of writing down your goal.

Look for a little jotter, put every information down what you want to blog about, how you do want to start it and the rest. Put it down and put them into actions.

#4 Knowledge Base Requirements

Test your knowledge and know what you are good at. Think of the niche article length requirement. Yes, every niche has its article length requirement. Test your knowledge and know the length of an article you are capable of writing.

For example; Some people are experts in writing long articles while others are learners.

When am Reading articles on Maverick Excel am always overwhelm and could use woofing 10 to 15 minutes reading it. The guy is just too talented about writing long content. I was surprised the day I saw his Post on Instagram. He used almost 1k+ words for an Instagram post. People like this are likely to use 5k+ words on their content. And guess what! This is what Google’s like.

#5 The Market.

The people you are going to target in your promotion should be considered before choosing a blogging niche. Take for instance. For the purpose of content promotion, you need to be curious about guest posting, Blog commenting and even running a Facebook ads in some cases.

Think of this who you are going to present your products to. If affiliate marketing, which products and where can you sell the products is a factor to consider.

#6 Know your Audience

Those that start blogging without knowing their audience are likely to fall into misconception and they are open to failure and struggle.

If you don’t know your target audience, you will focus on everything and later on become a jack of all tray. It’s very bad to not know your blogging target audience. Target the right audience and the click-through will be large and will surely convert.

#7 Field of Specialty and Personal Experience

If you are a student or graduate in the accounting industries, you will be more exposed to financial issues. You can possibly become a voice if you choose to profer solution to problems in this field. Your answers will be basic and in the right way.

Someone who writes a 1000+ word of an article without reference tends to give more insight on a topic than he who is not an expert in that field and only trying to become experts thereby taking any review online to be a reference.

Go for your past experience and make the best out of it

#8 Consider your Writing Skills

Your writing skill is one of the key factors to consider before choosing a blogging niche and will be more factor to consider in 2018. If you are not good at writing good and simple formatted, constructive and call to action contents, then affiliate marketing wouldn’t be a good niche to go into.

Lorraine Reguly is an example with Ryan Biddulph. Their writing skills are very compelling and can keep you staying on their pages for a long time. If you are not a native English speaker then you may consider using Grammarly browser extensions to format your English to be up to standard. Read from experience writers like Prince Akwarandu who can tell their success stories in writing. This guy just make my days sometime after reading some of his articles. He can write without getting tired.

#9 Resources Requirement

When it comes to becoming a rich and professional blogger, your respond to premium stuff is very vital. Consider which resource you are going to use to improve your blog.

For example: if am blogging on entertainment, I may not necessarily need Ahref or semrush for my keywords research or other keyword research tools. But if being on a long-term niche like affiliate marketing, blogging niche or SEO, I do need premium stuff like keyword research tool and SEO audit tool.

If you must succeed as a blogger, take premium stuff serious.

Struggling bloggers freebie their way to blogging failure, trying to scrum the piss out of their niche, gobbling up freebies like I gobble up Thai sweet snacks, expecting to become a successful, full time blogger despite paying no online tuition. Ryan Biddulph

[bctt tweet=”If you must succeed as a blogger, take premium stuff serious. ” username=”awogorm”]

#10 Promotional Technique

Hey, what kind of technique do you intend to promote your content and which platforms? I may choose to promote my blog by doing intensive guest posting, blog commenting or running a Facebook ads. Organic promotion is the best. Consider which will work best for you. But also from the very first day of your attempt to launch the blog, consider starting collection of audience emails from the very first day or preferably before launching the blog. Set landing pages using GetResponse Free trial and maximize sales and generate lead. (af link).

#11 Time Factor

As an entertainment blogger, you need more time and time to blog. Sharing from every minute or second and doing all necessary promotion. Being an entertainment blogger will definitely consist of publishing news and other celebrities and celeb news. Therefore, it will require you to be a full-time blogger. Take it into consideration before choosing to blog on a particular niche your current time and how you intend to manage it in the future.

#12 Expenses

Your expenditure will only depend on the blogging niche. As an SEO or blogging niche blogger, you need premium plugins, SEO audits tools, Keyword Research tools and the likes but entertainment may not need all these rather than focusing on reach, engaging and fresh content coupled with running a regular promotion.

#13 Blogging Platform (CMS)

Choosing to blog from wordpress.org could be the best step you will ever take as a blogger. It will give you all freedom and right over everything. If you intend to go into a profitable niche don’t think of blogger Blogspot rather think of WordPress, Joomla, and other related CMS that will give you full access to your blog.

To buy your best and recommended hosting check Namecheap Review where I host my site. Or take advantage of free web hosting by Hub8.

Wrapping Everything Up

Choosing a profitable blogging niche is tough and cannot be done right doing it alone as a new and first-time blogger. If you want to succeed choosing the right one that will convert, get connected to experienced bloggers and influencers. Ask questions but avoid this kind of questions analyzed by Ryan Biddulph.

Now your turn!

Which ways worked for you? Use the comment box to help our Newbies.


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