How to Blog on a Budget by Ryan Biddulph

I built my blog from virtually nothing.

Financially, and otherwise, having no entrepreneurial experience.

I started off blogging on a tight budget.

Today, I want to share tips to help you blog on a budget.

1: Buy Your Domain and Hosting (at the Very Least)

Never ever ever ever cheap out on this tip.

Even if you are on a shoestring budget you must spend at least 10 bucks a month on good, dependable web hosting, as well as buying your domain, because tips 2-4 will not work unless you have solid, dependable hosting.

Make this your only expense in the beginning.

If you literally have $5 to spend, get an offline job, ask someone for a loan or do whatever you gotta do – legally – to buy a domain and hosting from a reputable company. Recommendable Namecheap.

You cannot skip this tip and succeed online. Impossible.

You can find excellent hosting for $10 USD a month.

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Obviously, if you cannot spend $10 USD a month, or $120 a year, on web hosting, you do not deserve to make a full time income through blogging because frightened, desperate or lazy bloggers get culled from the blogging herd, like how weak or sick zebra get hunted by lions.

You won’t be hunted, but you will either quit or be totally ignored by successful bloggers who could expand your presence quickly.

2: Exchange Exposure for Services

Tight budget?

Exchange exposure for services.

Pay freelancers in exposure versus money.

Example; if you want someone to design your theme perhaps you can place their business website link in a prominent place on your blog. Doing so encourages repeat referral business for your web designer.

Perhaps they won’t make $1000 from the work they did for you immediately, but the exposure you give them will help them make $10,000 or more in repeat business, from bloggers who visit your blog and enjoy the designer’s handy work.

This works for virtually any freelancer who wants exposure on your site and is willing to work gratis, for future profits.

Note; you will really have to follow tip #3 to make this tip work. Skilled freelancers will only want exposure on authority, well-read, popular blogs.

3: Bust Your Butt on Blogging Practice

If you cannot spend much money you need to spend a lot of time working on your blogging skills.

You cannot get something for nothing.

During my lean blogging days, I spent little dough on my blog but did work for thousands of hours honing my writing, creating and networking skills. You need to become adept at blogging to rake in money, traffic and comments persistently, and this adeptness happens not as an accident, but as the product of your full commitment to practicing your blogging skills.

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document. Just for practice. Trash the document after you are done, hitting your 1K for a day.

Following this simple daily habit gives you confidence and clarity in your writing. Even if you are not spending money on anything at all save your domain and hosting you will become successful, drive traffic and earn money by busting your butt on blogging practice.

Whatever you don’t spend money-wise on your blog, you will be spending work-wise, by writing, studying blogging, creating helpful content and building meaningful connections over the course of years.

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4: Do Personal Development to Embrace Your Fears

You cannot blog on a budget forever and expect to be successful.

I used to spend a few bucks on my blog as a newbie when I did the shoestring thing.

Over the years though, as I became more successful I spent thousands of dollars on my blog.

You will reach a certain point where you need to spend some money and lose the budget mentality in order to reach the next blogging level, to be taken seriously, and to make this a full-time gig.

Spend the first 30 to 40 minutes of your day praying, or meditating, or doing yoga, or whatever helps you purify your mind, so you can purge your fears.

When you gradually feel and release the fear of losing money you will move into prospering actions, make more money and leave your budget mentality behind for good.

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Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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