10 Must Have Plugins for Every WordPress Blog

Every affiliate marketer want’s to make money online despites the difficulties. It do be important to note that plugins are very vital tools that help to spice up our blog arrangement and support. Best WordPress plugins are those types that we all need to take our blogs to the next look.

Your blog niche determines the type of tools/plugins you require to work with. You probably do not need too much to spend as most or all of these plugin/tools are absolutely free.

Most importantly if you are promoting product or services with your blog. This tools will help you to remain on a safe side in all ramification.

These are basic tools I have used to increase my blog traffic, make hidden my affiliate links, promote discount and coupon to my visitors etc. You automatically need this opportunity before anyone else.

Basic Plugins for every WordPress blog

  • ThirstyAffiliate

Thirstyaffilliate is a popular plugin that helps to hide your affiliate links. This plugin works out of the box. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to hide your affiliate link and make it look like a normal link from your blog.

For instance, I choose to promote a product from people per hour freelancing site, my affiliate link is likely to look like this: peopleperhour.com/?ref=1234 or any other form. This affiliate link is too necked to look at and can easily cost you to lost client who will probably delete 1234 before making a purchase.

This is where this awesome plugin come in handy. With the help of this plugin, you are now able to hide your affiliate id which is 1234 and will now change to example.com/recommend/peopleperhour. So visitors won’t need to see your whole affiliate id before making a purchase through your site.

  • Notification Bar

Notification is another most needed plugin necessarily most for affiliate marketers and other Internet marketers who want to offer products or services to their visitors.

This plugin is very important to your online marketing career. This plugin can be used to offer ebooks in place of email address, offer coupons, announce new post and can also be used to send push notifications to readers.

With the help of this plugin is easier to capture readers emails through free ebook offer. This trick could help you grow your email list.

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  • Ultimate Nofollow

Every blog launched into the world of the internet (www) is not because you want the blog to be published for nothing, but you do need some folks to always come online to read the stories you shared your knowledge.

We all need traffic from SEARCH ENGINES, at the same time, we always engage in sharing links and affiliate links too. If your blog must be of a good standard that violates no single Google policy on link juice. In order not to violate this Ultimate Nofollow now come in with force.

Ultimate Nofollow is a master plugin to automatically add rel=”nofollow” to your links that you do not want them to pass link juice to Google.

This is called to action mostly when you are promoting your affiliate links which you probably do not need Search Engines to crawl them.

  • Yoast SEO

Yoast is your #1 plugin, I mean all in one WordPress SEO pack. It probably describes itself. You use Yoast to set up all SEO settings on your blog.

Yoast also helps you to write your post with direction to match SEO standard.

  • Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics for WordPress is an in-page traffic analytics for every website/blog that helps you to know and monitor your traffic such as Most visited page, Search Keywords, Pageviews, and Impression etc.

  • Content Locker

Content locker is another most vital plugin especially for tech bloggers and those who offers freebies on their blogs.

This plugin is used to lock a particular part of a content which will either require a visitor to share, like or give Google plus +1 before it can be open.

With this plugin, you will be able to achieve more likes and social shares to gain more SEO presence.

  • Table of content

Table of content in WordPress is a plugin that automatically takes all your header tags to make it a table of contents which can be used to refer or jump to a particular section of a page.

  • iThemes Security

This plugin helps to protect your blog from hack and other internet and cyber safety

  • Askimet

Askimet is a plugin designed to help protect your blog from the hack, spam, and malicious logins attempts. For example, a repeated comment which two or three webmasters have marked as spam, if such comment is made in other blogs/websites, Askimet will automatically add the comment to spam comment or delete it without further notice.

  • WordPress Captcha by Captcha Booster

This plugin is popularly known as spam fighter but it goes beyond spam fighter, it also serves as a help to protect your WordPress blog from hackers.

Ask me how? Well, if you configure Captcha Booster very well and allow it show on login page, this will help you in essence that whenever you or anyone attempt to login to your WordPress site either failed or successful login attempt, you are liable to get a notification of details of the login attempts including location, browser, and even IP address.

Last Words

All these plugins are very necessary for every WordPress Blog especially newly opened.

These plugins are both free and paid. All of them are absolutely free except when you choose to enjoy VIP treatment then you will be required to upgrade to premium.


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