Best Free and Paid Email List Management Software for Internet Marketers

Email list management software is an essential tool for all bloggers, both newbies, intermediate and Pro. Here I specifically direct it to affiliate marketers. Every Affiliate marketer wants more sales. Every campaign sent by internet marketers, the aim or goal is to generate lead/sales. In order to make good sales, you need a well-designed software to communicate to your audience on your list.

What this means is that you must host your list on any email list management software to gain proper customization to your design.

The truth about email marketing is that you always want your audience to keep coming back.  How can you make this works out for you when you don’t understand what email marketing is all about. Don’t have a blog yet? Find out how to start a self-hosted blog on WordPress Don’t know which hosting to choose from? See my complete Review on the best hosting company to host your website.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a kind of digital marketing that uses digital mail as a means of communicating commercial or special messages to an audience/prospect.  Email marketing is very vital to both internet marketers gurus/newbies.

What is email list management software?

Email list management software is a tool designed to attempt collecting email addresses from the prospect. This in turn host the emails after which campaign can be sent to potentials customers for purpose of generating leads or offering a call to actions.

What is Campaign in Email Marketing?

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

It usually involves using email to send advertisements, requests business, or solicit sales or donations. This is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Therefore, every email sent to a potential prospect tends to an email campaign.

What is email service provider?

This is the host company for email list management software. There are organizations that provide services in email marketing.

Best Email Service Providers Every Affiliate Marketer Must Use to Generate sales In Affiliate Marketing.

Would you like to communicate easily with your prospective clients and eventually turn them into paying customers? Sure, right? Then I’ve got good news for you. You can use email marketing to win your blog audience over by sending them enchanting messages via email to encourage them to buy your products or benefit from your premium services.

Also, via email marketing you could easily promote your affiliate business, convert blog audience to loyal clients who eventually become comfortable with a repeat hire from you. With this, it is clear email marketing does more than just sending messages: it drives sales to your online business. Don’t know what to follow online? See this best freelance site that guarantees you $100 daily from home.

1) GetResponse Email List campaign.

getresponse email list management software

Whenever it comes to email list management/campaign, Getresponse is the #1 email marketing software to consider.

Getresponse comes with 500 emails subscribers space in its free account. You can browse from different email campaign templates which offer your audience credibility.

Getresponse 30 days free trial formally known as free accounts gives you the opportunity to accumulate 250 subscribers on your list. This account also gives all the various features of the 1000 subscribers paid account features including:

Unlimited sendings

√ Autoresponder

√ Advanced statistics panel

√ Inbox preview

√ And much more


Getresponse paid account starts from as low as $15/month with a maximum of 1000 subscribers. This is just okay to start email marketing with after run testing the FREE account for one month.

They an easy interface to easily integrate into your sites with popup opt-in forms.

You may want to start with the free accounts to enjoy the undiluted benefits of paid account in Getresponse.

If you really want to start your email marketing journey then Getresponse is your #1 to begins with.


2) MailChimp email list management System

mailchimp email list management software

While Getresponse is my #1 email marketing tool, Mailchimp is my second most loved email list management software I cannot bypass. This is not just a tool but also a technical support to your online struggles.

Yes,  I mean this will leverage your business by 52% calculatingly. I love it most because of the free account.

Mailchimp offers original 2000 subscribers to it free accounts and allows you send up to 12,000 campaigns/emails after which you will be required to enter your credit card details to subscribe for a paid account for as low as $10/month.

This is more than enough for starters. This is good too for an enterprise to start with.

What discouraged me with MailChimp especially for it free accounts is that your account may be disabled at any time if their malware system suspect any invalid activities such as using prohibited words including, BUY,  AFFILIATE, EROTIC WORDS etc.

Secondly, their support for free accounts is poor as you may not be attended to or maybe delayed for long whenever you need a technical support from the support team.

Thirdly, while Getresponse offers you all the features of a paid account in its free accounts, Mailchimp may exempt you from certain features. This features may require your credit card details before you may access them.

This includes Premium templates, certain designs etc.

They have more advantage than the disadvantage. They also come with a WordPress Plugin to easily integrate your forms into your website.

This is just better for you to start converting your visitors to customers.


3) AWeber Email Marketing Service Provider

Aweber email list management software

AWeber is the most popular email marketing software/tool trusted by thousands of internet marketers. They can be easily integrated, support popular platforms which matter including WordPress even Facebook.

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They offer completely free 30 days FREE TRIAL which do not require your credit card details. AWeber comes with a drag and drops features with unlimited templates to easily integrate with your forms and campaigns.

What interests most about AWeber is their technical support options which include live chat, phone support, email support, live webinars, and a vast library of how-tos and tutorials.

You can start with AWeber free trial. Their paid plans start from $19/mo.

Signup Aweber

4) ConvertKit Email Marketing Service Provider For Bloggers

convertkit email list management software

ConverKit is the most simple and best email marketing platform with a mind of regarding bloggers first need. Though, they don’t intend to make the platform for bloggers only but is a vast majority of all internet marketers. It’s simple and easy to us.

ConvertKit will be the best money you’ve ever spent to grow your audience. Their plans range from $29/mo which allows subscribers from 0-1000 subscribers.

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All their plans have the same features such as automation, landing pages, forms, unlimited emails per month etc.

The bad news is that ConvertKit doesn’t offer a free trial, upon signing up you will need to select a plan.

5) OptinMonster Email Marketing Service Provider

optinmonster email list management software

Optinmonster is a speak virtual reality of email marketing with the high popularity of over 300,000+ users. Optinmonster is trusted by popular brands like Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Forbes etc.

Optinmonster is very easy to capture users emails from homepage to landing page with a data friendly interface.

Though I don’t use optinmonster on my blogs but with popular reviews about them, they can be awesome with their service.

This is the cheapest email marketing Service provider for starters. A basic plan starts as low as $9/month. This allows only one user/website and supports unlimited features.

6) Constant Contact Email Marketing Service Provider

constant contact email list management software

This is just more than a brand. Don’t need too many explanations with constant contact. Up to 60 days free trial, no credit card required. Unlimited space.

7) Benchmark Email List Management Software

benchmark email list management software

Benchmark is a secret most popular, customer friendly email marketing software for internet marketers. It works just like MailChimp. It comes with 30 days free trial which supports up to 2000 subscribers for the free accounts. No credit card required to sign up.

8) ActiveCampaign email marketing Service provider

active campaign email list management software

This is another unique campaign insight for internet marketers. The active campaign also has a Free trial for 30 days.

9) Campaign Monitor email marketing Service provider

campaign monitor email list management

Campaign Monitor is another popular email marketing service provider. It gives you everything you would need to run successful campaigns.

They have a beautiful drag and drop email builder that allows you to use professionally designed email templates to make them your own. They also offer a drag and drop segmenting tool to create different campaigns for different contacts based on behavior and actions. You can start with the free trial.

Conclusion Words

Both affiliate marketers and general internet marketing, you need a good email marketing Service provider to demonstrate your products to prospects.

Is better you find a better review that will describe the fact about a particular product otherwise you end up spending more for less.

Disclaimer: the review for above products and services is my own view and does not involve payment to do so.

For corrections or contribution please leave us a comment on the comments section.


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