Why Did Awogor Matthew Move Reviewnetgato.com to Mybrandreview.com?

Hello guys.

I’m sorry I made a very powerful decision to have moved my old domain alias https://reviewnetgato.com to my new domain alias https://mybrandreview.com.

Incorporated with several reasons related to financial disability, inability and locality of keywords involved, I was forced to move permanently to a new domain for good.

I feel using a keyword like gato sound bad.

I have made a detail statistic for the fast financial and SEO growth of https://reviewnetgato.com and found out that within the period of April 2017 which reviewnetgato was properly installed until October 2017, Review Net Gato have moved drastically from $10 a day to almost $50 a day and also within this said period, I found out that in estimated total, reviewnetgato.com have grown to at least $650/m this was too small, but I loved it for a startup. The big thing there was that none of the cents came from Google Adsense.

In the aspect of SEO, Reviewnetgato has made the first page of Google search Result in some powerful keywords which give not less than 200 unique visitors per day and per keyword.

This helped me physically to move from DA 1 to DA 27 within a period of 4 months.

This wasn’t achieved with laziness.

I have worked day and night trying to improve my search visibility and I was able to achieve that.

So now,

Why did you move to Mybrandreview?

Just as I earlier said idiomatically, it was due to some certain financial disability or inability and Locality of Keyword involved. That’s the word that best describes my reasons.

What changes have you made that make Mybrandreview.com be different from reviewnetgato.com?

Yes, as it will be stated in our mission statement soon, I have updated several things which didn’t appear on reviewnetgato.com.

  • Coupon System and Deals

As from now henceforth, you in particular (our readers) will enjoy free coupon system and deals which wasn’t included before. Now you can browse separately, different coupon codes and shop for online products at a discounted amount.

We will be working with several vendors to incorporate in coupon and deals listing in order to aid your financial manageability. This can be accessed on a standalone folder here at Coupon.

  • Blog Page

As you can see, before you only access posts on the homepage. But now, things have changed to a blog page entirely.

  • Static Homepage

In the same manner with a Blog page, we now manage a static homepage that delivers some information at the frontend of mybrandreview and also a subscription page.

Now, I need something from you

What do I really need your help for?

Yes, I need your help to really improve my blogging career at mybrandreview.com. I am only asking this from those that are visitors to reviewnetgato.com. I believe you were acquainted with that and you can easily tell the before and presence story of it?

Smile. Please in a comment box, help me to explain the good and bad of reviewnetgato.com and the good and bad of mybrandreview.com. Then I will also plead that you suggest which ways to improve mybrandreview.com.

Thanks and happy staying!

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