Amazon Business Account Review 2018 | Features and Benefits

An Amazon Business Account is an advance customers account that provides payment solutions to approved registered businesses including the people they choose as roles users. In this review, am going to explain their benefits in comparison to Prime.

The Amazon Business said that, it has two different types of roles in it platforms which Administrators can add from one to a thousand of users depending on what the administrator wants.

Amazon Business enables Registered organizations to buy supplies in bulk quantity from Amazon. Anybody with a business-registered account can buy by means of

As an Amazon Business Account Holder, you have more benefits over the usual regular Amazon account which is more advantageous and more of the benefits will be discuss on this review.

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What is an Amazon Business Account?

An Amazon for business is an advance Amazon Account that enables or offer Checkout solutions for registered and associated users so that they can easily shop for business supplies in Amazon.

Amazon Business Account Benefits and Features

Amazon business has so many seniority over the basic account which are going to be discussed on this review.

  • Easily create a business account.

Either you a regular Amazon Buyer or seller with an Amazon account, irrespective of either is a regular account, you can easily switch to a business account or rather create a new Amazon Account if you are new following this four simple steps.

  • Save Multiple Favorite Suppliers

An Amazon Business creates efficiency for procurement teams by reducing the number of suppliers that need to be individually managed. While you can enjoy the real-time pricing competition among suppliers, you can also add sellers to a Saved Suppliers list.

  • Add Multiple Users to Business Account

You can now manage all your users in one place by adding either Administrative role or Regular shoppers who can place and manage orders directly and wait for it to be approved.

  • Setup Approval Workflow

As a business account administrator, you can easily track, manage and approve purchases. It’s easy to set individuals as approvers with a business account.

  • Payments and Shipping Benefits

Amazon Business Account provide and atmosphere for your multi-users business to enjoy business prime shipping with the free two days shipping on eligible items.

  • Use of Tax Except Status

More advantage for small business to Use of Tax Except Status while checking out with their cats. The Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP) allows businesses to use their tax-exempt status for purchases from Amazon Business. As an administrator, you can enroll your entire organization and all of your users in ATEP. All buyers in an ATEP-enrolled account are eligible for tax-exempt purchases by default, but administrators also have the ability to disable tax exemptions for certain users or groups within their Amazon Business account. Click here for more information about enrolling in ATEP.

Amazon Business Account vs Prime

Amazon Prime is a popular annual subscription service for consumers in addition to the other Amazon hosting company services. This provides users with access to free shipping as well as a variety of media that can be easily streamed to their phone or computer while Amazon Business account is the type that allow administrators to administer discount and Manage sales.


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