Highest Paying Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Site With in 2017

Hi guys, today am showing you the highest paying affiliate marketing programs you easily make your money from with your hosted or self hosted blog.

Affiliate marketing programs is a means by which web publishers receive commissions from online retailers for traffic or sales generated from websites. This is the simplest way to easily monetize one self-hosted or hosted blog.

You can actually earn from 40 – 75% affiliates commission from this best affiliate marketing programs which will be listed hereafter in the cost of this review.

In 2016, different more benefiting affiliate marketing programs where introduced into the internet but as time goes on they keep on coming and you know what?

One basic fact about development is that when a change is about to occur, it usually occur in a better way.

Of curse, you should try to do something greater/better than the former right?

Early in 2016, I wrote an article on affiliate marketing programs that pays in Nigeria which I also made mention of Konga, Jumia, NGAdverts and Nairapp.

Somehow these were the most trending affiliate marketing programs that really works locally in Nigeria for 2016.

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To make it happen with affiliate marketing programs, you’ve got to go beyond your limit.

Affiliate marketing can be easy to make cool money into your wallet, having got a good looking blog that renders services or answers prayers (questions) it is now time for you to start converting your visitors to customers.

But how can you convert your visitors to customers?

This is a headache to many online marketers, it’s quite difficult to do this, but don’t worry, a post by Neil Patel does describe how to easily convert your visitors to customers.

The purpose of every online marketer is to generate or earn a living through what he does.

Is true you blog for passion but also you’ve got some bills to pay too.

Doubling your website traffic is a kind of a headache, time-consuming and one should be able to convert easily.

That’s what so much give me the joy to recommend Neil Patel post because it gives the A and B of how to convert visitors to customers with 7 simple tactics.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs that pays well in 2017

1) HostGator Affiliate programhostgator affiliate Marketing programs

HostGator Earn 50-60% affiliate commission from HostGator.

HostGator is one of the best and highest paying affiliate marketing programs trending online.

HostGator Affiliate program allow you earn $50 per a single sale. This is quite interesting, and don’t rush, you can actually earn even more than the $50 per single sale.

HostGator affiliate program allows you to feel like a boss. You can earn from $50 – $125 per single sale in a month.

This was so made in order to encourage hard work.

HostGator Affiliate commission brake down

HostGator affiliate commission is a very interesting calculation to really look at before starting affiliating with them.

Their Payment per single sale ranges from $50 – $125 depending on your capacity.

This is because all fingers aren’t equal.

1-5 sales per a month you get $50 per single sales ($50 x 5 = $250)

6-10 sales per a month you get $75 per single sale ($75 x 10 = $750)

11-20 sales per a month you get $100 per single sale ($100 x 20 = $2000)

20+ sales per a month you get 125 per single sale ($125 x 21 = $2625)

This is quite amazing, right? Of curse, you too can start affiliating with HostGator affiliate programs and start making your $.

HostGator Affiliate Commission Payment Methods

HostGator Pay through PayPal, Wire Transfer, to your local bank especially when you are in the US.

What is more important about this HostGator affiliate commission is that you can easily use it to renew your hosting or domain subscription or buy new.

2) Clickbank Affiliate programs


Earn commissions as high as 75%+ with Clickbank affiliate programs.

Clickbank affiliate programs have been established over 17 years ago and till today they still remain in the lead for the highest paying affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

Clickbank works relentlessly with their product creators to set the most competitive commissions possible, up to 75% per sales guaranteed with Clickbank affiliate marketing programs.

3) Bluehost Affiliate programs


Bluehost is one of the Best affiliate marketing programs in all year round that you should start working with to increase your affiliate earnings.

Recently, I made a sale that gave me $65 in a single sale. Of curse this is awesome.

This might just be another opportunity for you to set up a good domain with blue host.

Do you know I can help you set a professional WordPress blog for free if you use Bluehost?

If someone clicks on your affiliate link and within 90 days of clicking if he/she successfully purchase the hosting, you are going to receive an affiliate commission of $65 for the sales.

4) Amazon Affiliate programs

Amazon affiliate marketing programs is a division of the Amazon community call Amazon Associate, which allow website owners to generate partnership commission per sales.

Amazon’s affiliate marketing programs commission ranges from 15% per sales to any percent depending on the season and promotion.

You can easily affiliate with Amazon associate to make the best out of your website traffic.

5) Namecheap affiliate program

Namecheap is a web hosting and domain registrar company that offer the opportunity to webs owners to generate up to 15% of their affiliate commission from their affiliate Marketing Programs.

One thing about Namecheap web hosting and their guarantee that you must surely have sales is their cheap hosting plans.

6) AliExpress Affiliate Program

aliexpress affiliate

AliExpress is a global online store that is competing against Amazon with the widest population of customers and sellers across 188 countries and in 6 continents that offer affiliate commission to affiliates.

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AliExpress affiliate program comes with a built-in plugin for WordPress users to monetize their blog opening an online store to promote AliExpress product without leaving their blog.

With this plugin, you will be able to refer your visitors to your affiliate store to see various of Ali products which are attached to your affiliate link I.D.

This is a great potential to make even more than $100 a week with AliExpress.

Their affiliate commission is encouraging. You earn 8% affiliate commission from any product you sold.

You can get paid in any country with either a domiciliary account type or through a MasterCard like Payoneer.

AliExpress permits receiving account information up to 15 different accounts.

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7) Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a contextual ads server that offers pay-per-click to publishers.

People buy ads space from Google Adwords and Google affiliate with online publishers to serve the ads provided by the advertiser.

In this way, Google Adsense offer’s you a 65% commission shares.

For a long time now, Google Adsense has been the #1 monetization practices for publishers because of their high earnings advantage.

You can sign up for Google Adsense and start monetizing your blog.

Note: Google Adsense has two phases;

Phase #1: Hosted Google Adsense

The Hosted Google Adsense is the type that you get approval from a hosted site like Google self-hosted platforms such as YouTube and Blogger.

This phase of Google Adsense only show Ads on the approved platform or domain.

This means that if I got Adsense Approved using my blogger or YouTube dashboard, definitely my Adsense is hosted type, therefore, it won’t display ads on any other domain.

P.s: This Adsense is very difficult to get approval and can easily be banned.

Phase #2: Non-Hosted Google Adsense

On-like the Hosted Google Adsense; None hosted Adsense is the type that you apply through google.com/adsense.

This type of Adsense is very easy to get approval when you have good contents on your blog.

NB: If you have any issue getting Adsense for your blog let me know with your comments

These ads can be displayed on any platform including YouTube and all websites/blogs.

This is the best primary way to monetize your blog before using other affiliate programs.


I know you will not be able to sign up for every affiliate marketing programs as outlined above.

But giving it a trial might just be your best opportunity to earning maximum affiliate marketing programs commissions.

If you choose to own a website on WordPress.org and don’t have any idea on web design, don’t worry I will design the site for free for you.

All you need do is use my affiliate link for Bluehost then let me know by using the contact form.

I hope that this post “Best affiliate marketing programs to monetize your site within 2017” will help you start a journey to earning your first affiliate commission.


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