Adnow Review: Easiest way to make Money Online with Adnow Network

Do people still make money online through Adnow Ads network or how to make money with Adnow ads network? This is what people always ask on Quora. How about if I write a review showing people how Adnow works to clear their doubt? This is what I thought after reading their questions.

Here we go. 😂

This what I have experienced so far with this beautiful ads network. It actually pays you can use it yourself to start making cool money from your blog. Simply works like Google Adsense.

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What is Adnow?

This is a native ads network that accepts native adverts from advertisers and displays it on affiliated sites otherwise called publishers. They offer relevant ads widgets related to the niche you choose. Their ads cost varies from CPA, CPM and CPC.

The most common earning tip is CPA and CPM. CPA is a cost per action which means after a visitor clicks to visit the advertiser’s page, he or she made a purchase on the advertiser’s site.

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CPM  means your earnings per 1,000 impressions while CPC means cost per click. For more affiliate marketing words and phrases read this affiliate marketing guide 

How do their network as compared to Google Adsense?

No matter what, Google Adsense is still the best when it comes to monetization but the painful thing is that after monetizing your blog with all efforts to cash out your earnings you just received warning or termination email which is quite bad.

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Adnow is very different from Google Adsense. The fact is that Google focuses on CPC and CPM while Adnow is CPA, CPM, and CPC. Google creates ads units while Adnow creates ads widgets.

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Google advertisers can bid for as much as $100+ per click while you get as low as $0.5 per click on Adnow. This is good for large sites with large traffic.

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Do I need huge traffic to get approved by Adnow?

No, you don’t really need too much traffic before you can be approved. Everyone is approved upon signing up. You only submit your website for approval and if they check and find out the site is live you become approved fully with your site. This is the reason they are more widely used by publishers.

What do I need to sign up for this ads network?

You don’t need to pay someone to do this for you or neither do you need to pay any particular fees to sign up for it. All you need is:

  • A website/blog
  • Email

That’s all.

How do I sign up for this network?

First, if you possess the above you need to proceed to sign up page

Enter your username and password as appropriate. Confirm your email that’s all.

How do I create a widget to place on my blog?

This is simple if you have not done so already

Mostly, many publishers often complain that Adnow could not pay their recent earnings and when they contacted them they said all their earnings came from CPC so Adnow is a CPA network and not CPC.

Do you want to start monetizing your blog with Adnow? Follow this rules or tips.

Simple steps to make more money with Adnow Ads network.

#1. Have a beautiful blog

#2. Write a unique review if you are a review blogger if not entertainment

#3. Integrate your ads slot on your side bar and footer

#4. Drive USA, UK, and CA traffic to your site

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#5. Drive more traffic

#6. I mean more traffic

#7. Traffic Traffic Traffic again Traffic

Now enjoy your unpredictable earnings without limitations.


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