9 Proven Ways Facebook can increase your Revenue in Facebook Marketing

Facebook can actually increase your affiliate sales and boost your revenue by 35% while organic traffic can do the remaining part.

You do believe me that Facebook and other social media have so much potential to boost your website traffic.

A site that hardly achieves 100 unique visitors a day is likely to sink in worries of increasing revenue in affiliate sales and other contextual ads like Google Adsense and native ads.

Since all internet/affiliate marketing depends solely on your traffic, you may have more chances of affiliate sales if you have a good source of daily traffic.

Many internets (newbies) marketers fail to realize the value of social media and how it can leverage their businesses.

I tried to analyze reasons why so many internet marketers like running Facebook ads giving a landing page to where their affiliate products are been displayed.

After all, I discovered when this is been done properly and at the right time, many internet marketers tend to increase their conversion/leads by 35%.

Before you can start using this tips am sharing, you should consider the following.

Consider doing this to increase revenue with Facebook

Many internet marketers will jump into Facebook and think they can make it sending tons of their products links to their Facebook pages.

No! It doesn’t work like that.

  • Build it
  • Style it
  • Keep going

From this 9 Tips

Tip #1: Building Trust with Facebook Page.

make money with facebook

You need to build trust with your audience. Make them realize you care about them by sharing not at first your links.

Instead, keep on sharing engaging posts like riddles, questions, inspiring photos, share links if possible to inspiring articles that are possibly not yours.

You do not need to rush into spamming their notification with your links all over.

Build trust with your audience and get them talking on your posts.

Then when you’ve built this relationship, introduce gradually links to your products or website.

You can do this without any knowledge base requirement.

Note that Facebook pages can only send notifications to fans if they are engaged with your content.

If for instance you have a fans page and you also have a web page where you publish some content or product and will want to share with your fans, it’s advisable you keep it 50/50.

This means 50% of your articles should include your links while 50% should be mainly on engaging content.

By so doing your audience/fans will feel welcome and will be craving to visit your page all the time in other to get catch fun.


Tip #2: Showcase your Product

One way one can increase revenue with Facebook is by using live showcase having built audience trust.

Give some info-graphics to your products, tell your audience the offer you’ve got for them, keep it real and share a relevant product that will attract your audience attention.

Focus on sharing coupons, offer some services to your audience alongside the pictures.

Post highly top quality images that will describe the beauty of a particular product.

Just like this image by Hostgator.

Tip #3: Promote Your Post on Facebook.

enable contact us page on facebook

One way your products can go viral is running a promotional contest for your post/contents.

This won’t only serve presence to your fans but others who aren’t your fans with a targeted audience.

This will help enlarge your likes too.

Tip #4: Customize Your Contact tab

how facebook can increase your revenue

To make it look personal and caring, your audience would rather love to be given the opportunity to reach out to you privately.

Most at times, they might have an opinion or idea to share with you about your own personal business.

Most of them will feel more comfortable and important contacting you to inquire about a particular product that you promoted on your page.

Making it possible for fans to contact you will make your visitors to always come back to visit your fan page thereby increasing visibility and engagement to your fans.

Tips #5: Enable Reviews for your Page

how to make money with facebook

One way you may get feedback from your fans is by enabling the review tab on your page.

Many fans will want to publish publicly what they think about a brand and what impact has it shown to them.

This will also encourage new fans to feel that they are at the right place. Those reviews will tell new fans the truth about what others think about your brand.

Remember your page is representing your brand and you do want to make money with your brand.

Therefore you should look for different methods to engage your fans to your brand.

Do not let them look outside of you, watch them dance around your page.

I grew up my page reviewnet to the certain number today without running Facebook ads.

Tips #6: Keep your fans updated at all time

You should know that Facebook posts ain’t the same as a blog post. This way you will be able to note that you need to post regularly to keep your page’s posts in front of your fans.

What do you really need from a Facebook fans page? Traffic to your homepage I guess!

Yes, this is right, you thought wisely, but what will happen when they aren’t responding to your sharings? Be romantic and funny with your post.

Note that Facebook pages too understand Facebook SEO. That’s to say your click through ratio will increase according to the number of people that visit your page.

Your page present too will determine how many people visit the page and their download time.

For more details: The more people click on your page, the more it will be present to your fans in their newsfeed and the more friends will get it as pages suggestion to increase your page likes.

Tip #7: Offer Freebies to your fans

One way I’ve learned to promote my page is through freebies. Yes, if you focus mostly on local followers i.e if you know your targeted audience, it’s nice you get them engage with your page activities by sharing relevant freebies.

I share things like airtime credit to my local followers and I share things like premium WordPress theme, blogger theme, special ways to make money to international followers.

By this way, users will always want to come check what you’ve got next to share as freebies. At times they will want to ask you for some.

Tip #8: Create Events and Inform fans

Another tip Facebook can guarantee you traffic thereby earning you money is by promoting your business with events.

Set events for your page.

For example, I have 50 likes for my page 5th of January, and by 30th I already got 100 likes, this isn’t easy right?

That’s it, you should create an even for such an achievement.

For example: “Hurry! Reviewnet got 100 likes (Win free airtime by inviting 50 friends)”

Describe how it wasn’t easy for you to reach this level without them. By so doing many caring fans will want to invite their friends to like your page.

Tip #9: Get Authors for your page

Alone you shall go far, but together you shall go faster.

This is a common saying to tell you how important being two can be. Invite a friend who is more creative and funnier than yourself.

Let this friend on daily basic find jokes to crack with your fans. This way they will always want to be happy sharing their comment and returning back to see new jokes.

This is one of the most common tactics you can drive massive traffic to your website/blog with your facebook page.

Users want to enjoy reading funny things especially the ones that will add a smile to their faces.

Bonus Tips

Tip #10: Turn On Notification for your Page

If you want your fans to feel comfortable with your page, then turn on notification for your page.

Users will want their questions to be answered quickly as possible. It’s certain that if a user makes an inquiry about a particular product sending you a private message or making comment if you don’t reply their messages, they will probably forget what the joy really drive them to ask such question about that product.

Turn on your notification. This way any new comment that a user make on your page will show on your notification bar, thereby reminding you of what to do.

Tip #11: Response to Messages on time

This is similar turning on your notification.

While turning your notification on will let you see what going on, response to messages will be the action you will take after seeing the notification.

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Means to increase Page Traffic and earn more money from visitors

1) Post on a regular basis

Keep posting regularly to keep your visitors on your page. Research on the time that your visitors are always online. Set a schedule of your post to be posted automatically when it’s time.

Don’t be a month end to month end poster.

2) Post Important Updates

As earlier said, avoid posting irrelevant post to engage your visitors. Keep your visitors coming back by posting things that suit their interest.

One way you may know fans interest is by asking a public question on your fan page, through reactions and comment, likes and so on.

When a particular post did not attract at least 5 likes on your page then definitely your fans do not like a particular topic, therefore you should change your topics.

3) Run Facebook Ads to gain more likes.

The reason why you are interested in your fans page is to get more traffic to your site. Therefore, you definitely need more likes.

A one million likes fans page is likely to have 5000 visitors a day to your website from that page.

Run Facebook ads with a targeted audience to get more likes.

Disclaimer: This post may be updated regularly when the need arises

For corrections and addition of sentence please contact me or leave it on comment section.


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