Telling you not to buy an email list may sound like a heck of a big deal. Really? Maybe. As you move around the web, and even offline, you are likely to be boozed by requests to buy an email list for your business. The usual pretext is that this will convert into leads and sales. Really? Again, maybe, because it’s interesting.

First, you are not sending emails from purchased email lists to idiots, but to sensible human beings, a majority of whom may not even be interested in your products and services. This will result in your emails being marked as spam, unsubscribed from and even deleted. Aside from that, your reputation goes down in the comity of online users

What happens to the signals these sends to the email services company you used to blast the emails? Their server may get blocked, marked as spam and served “jail terms”. I guess that’s the last thing they will ever want to happen. That is why many email sending companies frown at purchasing email lists.

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Because of these reasons, I’ll advise you not to buy an email list. Rather, you should follow the ethical guidelines I’ll be sharing with you shortly to build a functional email list for your business by yourself. Do this and watch your business blossom in a matter of weeks.

New And Enhanced Practical Ethical Ways To Gather Email Lists In 2018

The secret to getting tons of email leads is to request for them. To do this, of course, you need a website or blog. Worst still, you need s landing page. This is where you can trade a product or service for a user’s email, ethically. So, how can you do this effectively?

(1) Request For Blog Subscription

One of the means to get email leads on your website or blog is to request users/readers to subscribe to your mailing list, just as you find on this site.

Of course, before someone will slide his precious email address into your subscription form, you must have something tangible to offer on your website. So, go get that blog subscription form for your website and see the email lists begin to roll in quickly.

(2) Use Contact Form Opt-In

Let’s say someone wishes to contact you. Do you just put up your phone number? No. insert a Contact Form Opt-In on your blog/website where people must provide their emails alongside their requests, messages, and offers while trying to get across to you. That’s an effective and ethical way to collect email lists.

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(3) Run a Contest

Running a contest on your blog is another effective way to get email lists. Because there is a prize to win, people are going to subscribe to the contest voluntarily. It could be a small eBook that teaches something very useful, a video course of what you just discovered that could greatly benefit your readers or report/trick on something very interesting.

Since it’s going to be a free contest, many people are going to subscribe to it. What’s more? You can run this contest on social media too, and collect the email leads on your landing page.

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(4) Ask A Friend(s) To Refer A Friend

Last week, a friend of mine on Facebook gave out a free eBook on how to get sell more in less time. The catch was for those interested to comment on the book on their Facebook walls and refer friends to get it. I got in and did just that. Amazingly, I was able to send about 40 email leads to my friend’s email list.

That’s what I’m talking about. These things are practical stuff. You can do likewise and get email leads for yourself by asking friends to refer their friends to get your offer. I believe this pint is self-explanatory enough.

(5) Use Email Add-Ons In Your Newsletters

Another way to get email leads is to include Email Add-Ons in the footer of your email broadcasts. This should encourage the recipients to forward the emails to their friends. This way, you will ethically get custom email lists in an ethical way without constituting a nuisance in the online community.

If the new recipients of the emails, from their friends, are interested in the offer, they could easily subscribe to it and join your mailing list. Of course, they most often than not will, because of the relationships they’ve built with their friends, not you per se.

Also, add a call to action button in your email postscripts and ask people to subscribe to your blog/website updates. It’s an amazing way to gather emails ethically and sensibly.

(6) Run Social Media Campaigns

Leverage on Social media opportunities to make a fortune for yourself gathering email lists. We are still discussing how to get email lists ethically in 2018, and the social media is the go-to place if you want to get email leads fast.

One way out is to run a social media campaign, an ad for a product or service and request for people to subscribe to their emails to get it(them). Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter are good for this, especially when it involves how they can solve their problems. What if you sell them an ebook on how to make money online? It will go a long way in making them subscribe faster. Another way is to run an advert on how to score high in exams.

Alternatively, you can leave links to your web pages in social media comments. Don’t be spammy though. As people land on your page and feel the need to subscribe to your blog/website, you’ve made a catch.

There is a “Create A Call-To-Action” button close to the display area business Facebook pages. As a page admin, make effective use of this and generate quality email leads for your business today.

(7) Deploy Offline Means

Does building email lists restrict to online activism and methods? The answer is no. you can also get email lists from off the web by putting out forms for contacts and customers to drop their email lists alongside other contacts, organizing public speeches and trade shows, deploying QR Codes and making use of Point-of-Sale Signups.

Time will fail me to elaborate on all these. But if you are really interested in knowing, kindly leave a comment below this post and I’ll elaborate more on them.

Wrapping Up!

So, that’s been it on new, ethical and improved ways to gather email lists for your business this year. I hope you learned from it. Don’t be too pushy, don’t be spammy while gathering or sending emails. Rather, frequently get in touch with your contacts, and for the new ones, let them know how you got their addresses for those who don’t know. If possible, make an avenue for a natural communication flow between you and your email contacts.

That way, you keep the list growing the email database will never dry up. So, I now leave you with a question, “how do you build your email list?” I love to hear from you. Kindly comment below and ask me any question on this topic. I’m on hand to answer them.

This is a Guest post written by Ekemini Ekpo (De Kemcy), a variegated Writer, Blogger and Web Enthusiast. He loves sharing cool and helpful information. You may read more of his works on his blog and also connect with him on Facebook.


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